Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Give You... The Class of 2008

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to fly home for a few days to see my brother graduate and see my Dad for Father's Day. My mom and I planned the trip secretly and surprised them both! It was so much fun! Anyway, here are some half-decent pictures I got of my little brother at his graduation! I can't believe he's 18 years old!!! And graduated!!!

Here he is walking in to the UN-air-conditioned basketball arena at NC State. It was so hot that day! And it didn't help that thousands of people were crowded inside the small building with industrial fans blowing!! Well.. in this picture Mike's the blurry figure in front of the blurry figure with a big red thing around her shoulders. :)
And in this one, he's being the star of the show and putting up his arms while everyone is cheering and clapping for the Wakefield Wolverines Class of 2008!
His name has been called and he is walking across the stage to receive his diploma! He really did it! My little brother passed high school on Friday the 13th of June! :)
I love this one! He's holding the diploma holder that everyone is presented when they walk across stage and shake hands with the principal. Except, to avoid potential chaos, everyone's diploma holder is blank until after the ceremony where they file into a room and grab their actual diploma off an alphabetized table. :) That's Wakefield for ya!
Mike's girlfriend Jessica also graduated! Here they are together! How cute!!
I'm really grateful for a husband who works hard to allow me to fly home for special occasions. He was a good sport while I was gone, and even cleaned up the house for me when I arrived home! :) How wonderful!

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