Thursday, July 3, 2008

Baseball and Ice Cream!

On Saturday night, after I got off work, Trevor and I decided we wanted to go to a baseball game, so we did! We went to the Orem Owlz game for our kickoff of summer adventures! They were playing the Casper Ghosts... which I couldn't help but think is a funny name for a baseball team :) Here is the field at dusk!And these next few pictures are the failed attempts at getting a good picture of the two of us. I said, "Trevor! My battery is dying! We have to take a good one so I'll have some battery left!" and this is what he did:
Well... I laughed and then said "Really... let's try again" and these next few are what happened:

Oh dear... well at least they still make me laugh. And my camera died after that last one. :( Haha. Well, we had to leave the game early because Trevor had to take a boot off a car, but when we left the Owlz were winning by 1. However, I just checked the score and they ended up losing 7-10. Sad! :(
After we took off the boot, Trevor and I went to our FAVORITE ice cream place EVER: Sub Zero ice cream! I was really sad my camera was dead because I wanted to take pictures to post! So I will next time we go! But anyway, you should try it. If you haven't been, I'm not going to tell you the secret of the amazingness just yet... you go see for yourself! :)


  1. It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. I will have to try Sub Zero someday! -CJ Armstrong

  2. As much as I love the pics of the two of you, I must say I get a kick out of the old man behind you!!! :)

    Hope you're doing well!

    Becca Whale

  3. Trevor makes the best faces! That's not the same ice cream place that Trevor was telling us about this weekend? The really good frozen yogurt place??

  4. Trevor is a goofball. It was fun to hang this weekend with you guys. We'll have to go out again soon too!

  5. haha remember when we went to the Owlz game last summer... fun fun fun! yay for blogging. how did you get the cute title on your page with you and trevor and the shipps on it? will you show me the ways of blogging haha