Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sunday's Celebration

On Sunday, Jana was SOOO sweet and made a birthday cake for me! To my request, she made a funfetti cake with funfetti icing AND chocolate icing with sprinkles! Talk about spoiling me! :) Not to mention she got neapolitan ice cream as well! Yum yum yum! Here's everything on the table looking nice!Shawn and Jana's new condo was brand new and gorgeous! And Jana did a fantastic job decorating! You can see just a few of the decorations in this picture. We took a group picture before Dave and Heidi arrived. So it goes Meghan, Cole, Trevor, Me, Jenny, Randy, Shawn, and Jana! I was smart this time and used my camera timer! Too bad Trevor isn't smiling. Silly :)
Here is Shawn lighting the 21 candles on my birthday cake! I guess I'm not quite old enough to burn down a house with my candles :)
And here is a lovely posed picture of me pretending to blow out my candles. :) I wished for a house and I blew out all the candles... so I'm just waiting for this house to show up! Haha.
And here's a picture of the cake with a piece cut out... I don't know why I wanted to include this one!
Well it was a very fun evening. One of my favorite parts was watching their two cute kitties chase after the laser pointer on the floor! We played Phase 10 and Cranium, and, as usual things got out of control. I must admit I was probably half the problem... and it's really embarrassing to think back to how competitive I am. Honestly, the group got so loud (and not necessarily in a good way) that I think lots of people left thinking "wow... how long is this going to last?". So anyway, I know that I can do my part to bring down the arguing and competiveness. Hopefully game night can only improve :)

Here's a quick update on what else has been going on in life:
1) Trevor's battery in his car keeps dying every time he shuts it off... so he's gone to get that fixed today.
2) We're going to join costco so we can get ready for the camping trip we're going on this weekend!
3) School, for me, is past the halfway point and I have lots of tests and stressful stuff coming up.
4) Work at the Buckle is going better for me - I'm having a lot more fun with the job!
5) Last week we finally got a new apartment for the fall and winter! It's in South Wymount, which is a little bit ghetto compared to the one we have now, but it will still be wonderful and we'll have two bedrooms to use! Trevor can't wait to have an office and a desk! We get to move in Aug. 7th and don't have to move out of our current place until the 26th of August... so we get about 20 days to move and buy furniture! Hooray! ;)

Life is good!


  1. Tsk, tsk, tsk....don't you know if you tell your wish it won't come true?! Say goodbye to your dream house! JK, I'm sure you and your Mom will be able to design a house that will fulfill all your wishes some day :) Happy B-day!

  2. life is good! yay for camping im so excited!

  3. Looks like a yummy cake and a good time! Glad to hear you've got a place for Fall. :)