Friday, May 30, 2008

Pardon my Neglect!

Here are some of the last of the honeymoon pictures that I've neglected to put up! This one is us after we came off the gorgeous beach that day. Yes. I know my sunglasses are ridiculous :)
This next picture I love! It's of the chandelier in the dining room of the ship where we ate every night! Gorgeous!

This one was us on the second formal night after dinner when we went to karaoke with our friends Kyle & Amber and Mark & Meg who also sat at our dinner table every night! It was so much fun! :)

And here's my favorite towel animal of all of them! A MONKEY! How amazing!

Well, my favorite part of the cruise was getting to spend time with Trevor, but I really enjoyed the first formal night (I think it was Tuesday) when we found a dance floor in a night club bar area and we danced the cha-cha and any other dance I could think of to all sorts of old 70s dance club hits... for example "I Will Survive" ... I couldn't believe I actually got Trevor to dance, but I did and he actually enjoyed it a little! Hooray! What a fun cruise!

This last picture is just a fun one of everybody from my wedding day!

I've put up a lot more pictures on my facebook site. So if you're not on facebook, you should be :) And no... you are NOT too old! Not even if you have 4 kids! :)

We love all of you!! Thanks for making our wedding day wonderful!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

What We Did Today...

...absolutely nothing!

And it was wonderful! :) Yay for the weekend!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

More Honeymoon... Bored Yet?

I have decided to post only a few pictures at a time for now, so these are from our lovely excursion to Orient Beach on the fantastic island of St. Martin (and yes, it was the French side so it's not St. Maarten, because that 's how it's spelled on the Dutch side). Wow I sound like a tour guide or an info brochure! :)Just a view from the beach! Gorgeous!

Here's Trevor! He looks like he's waving but he actually had a lot of sand and shells on his hand and was showing me. My favorite thing about this picture is it looks like his shoulders are smoking because of the cloud in the background! And they probably were close to smoking because he got BURNED! He's peeling now, and Meghan, I hear that back in the day you thoroughly enjoyed peeling the skin off his back! EWWW! :)

This was awesome! I got a picture of a wave crashing on my first try!

A nearby sunbather took this picture for us! Yay for being "the Honeymooners"... and probably the only sober Honeymooners on the boat!... other than the other Mormon newlywed couple that we met! :)

Our shell collection! I like the middle one best!

Well today was nice. Trevor and I went up to his parents' house to pick up mail and the last of Trevor's stuff. They also let us do our laundry, and I really can't explain how happy it makes me to have my laundry clean for FREE! Prices for the machines where we currently live are kind of ridiculous...!

Tonight I broiled steaks and now we're eating ice cream watching NBA basketball. Life is wonderful :) I think Trevor plans to go back to work tomorrow, and I also think we're both ready to have a little "me" time! I also start my internship at Buckle (a clothing store at Provo mall) on Monday, and I'm actually excited to start getting back into work again... wonder how long that will last? ;)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Honeymoon... Continued!

Okay more honeymoon pictures! We had a balcony room so we watched the sun set one night and these are two pictures I got:

And this is a 15 second open-shutter I took of the moon that night. I have a pretty normal camera and no tripod, so that's why it's not really clear, but I still thought it looked cool:

He's so cute :)

Random island in the middle of the ocean haha:

Here's a big hotel off the edge of St. Thomas, VI that we could see from our balcony. It was amazing as we pulled into port!

On St. Thomas we went on an excursion where we took two-person motorized boats out to a cove and snorkeled. Unfortunately, I was enjoying myself too much to take pictures, but I did get a picture from the REALLY ghetto bus we had to ride to the little boat place. The hills were gorgeous and green and full of cool houses. This picture really does it no justice, but it was cool!

And here is a picture of one of our many towel animals: AN ELEPHANT!

Okay so I have a lot of pictures. I'm maybe halfway done, but I'm getting frustrated because it only lets me upload 5 pictures at a time, it takes about 5 minutes to upload, and then it adds the pictures BEFORE the ones I've already added so I have to move them all down and that takes forever. So I'm losing patience. So my question for you professional bloggers (haha) is: Is there any way to remedy this? :)

Anyway, Trevor and I had a fun day today as we ran around and attempted a few steps at changing my name to officially be "Shipp"! I got to join his bank account so I am now officially a member at the MACU! Woo hoo! Soon I'll have to get a Utah drivers' license. I have a feeling I'm going to be an official Utah citizen very soon.... something I've been avoiding for the last three years! :)

We also got to spend a ton of wedding money at Bed Bath and Beyond as well as some wedding money for groceries at Target! It's wonderful!! Trevor and I joke that we should get married again because it sets you up so well financially! We'll just have to enjoy the "free" money while it lasts!!

Well like I said, I've lost patience with the picture thing so I'll post more later. Night!

Our Honeymoon!

So, as promised, here are some pictures I took on our honeymoon cruise!

The first day on the boat, everyone had to attend a mandatory emergency drill thing... so we strapped on our jackets for safety! :)

Our first stop was Royal Caribbean's private island named CocoCay. It was little, but it provided some nice scenery and was good for laying out! There was white sand, blue water, and palm trees with coconuts! Even if it was small, it provided a cute first stop!

We also spotted some exotic wildlife on the island! We found HUGE iguanas sunbathing at "Iguana Bay" and found a peacock on the "Nature Trail"!! It was fun!

Here we are on top of the tender that took us out to the island. The ocean was really choppy so we practically had a roller-coaster ride back to the ship, which, by the way, is HUGE!!! As you may or may not be able to tell by the picture.

Okay I just realized that it's a lot easier to upload ALL the pictures first and THEN write captions.... so I'm going to make a second honeymoon post because this is taking forever...


Oh blogging.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My First Post Ever!

Well I'm really not sure how this all works, but I knew I wanted to start a blog after Trevor and I got married... so here it is! TA DA! Very white... very boring... but I'll improve it as we go along!

Anyway we just got back from our honeymoon cruise with Royal Caribbean to an island in the Bahamas and St. Thomas and St. Martin in the Virgin Islands. It was sunny the whole time and we got to snorkel together for the first time! I'll have to tell you all about it later when I have pictures to show! But for now, I'll just put one on from the wedding day!

Yay! Well that's all for now. We're both exhausted from a big day flying!

Thanks so much to everyone who put in so much effort for our wedding! Nothing went unnoticed. We feel so blessed to have so many friends who love us as well as a wonderful family!