Friday, May 30, 2008

Pardon my Neglect!

Here are some of the last of the honeymoon pictures that I've neglected to put up! This one is us after we came off the gorgeous beach that day. Yes. I know my sunglasses are ridiculous :)
This next picture I love! It's of the chandelier in the dining room of the ship where we ate every night! Gorgeous!

This one was us on the second formal night after dinner when we went to karaoke with our friends Kyle & Amber and Mark & Meg who also sat at our dinner table every night! It was so much fun! :)

And here's my favorite towel animal of all of them! A MONKEY! How amazing!

Well, my favorite part of the cruise was getting to spend time with Trevor, but I really enjoyed the first formal night (I think it was Tuesday) when we found a dance floor in a night club bar area and we danced the cha-cha and any other dance I could think of to all sorts of old 70s dance club hits... for example "I Will Survive" ... I couldn't believe I actually got Trevor to dance, but I did and he actually enjoyed it a little! Hooray! What a fun cruise!

This last picture is just a fun one of everybody from my wedding day!

I've put up a lot more pictures on my facebook site. So if you're not on facebook, you should be :) And no... you are NOT too old! Not even if you have 4 kids! :)

We love all of you!! Thanks for making our wedding day wonderful!


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  2. would you believe that Mical and I are both on Myspace?? although I rarely look at mine. :P

    we missed you guys on memorial day... too bad you were working! hope you're liking it though!