Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Honeymoon... Continued!

Okay more honeymoon pictures! We had a balcony room so we watched the sun set one night and these are two pictures I got:

And this is a 15 second open-shutter I took of the moon that night. I have a pretty normal camera and no tripod, so that's why it's not really clear, but I still thought it looked cool:

He's so cute :)

Random island in the middle of the ocean haha:

Here's a big hotel off the edge of St. Thomas, VI that we could see from our balcony. It was amazing as we pulled into port!

On St. Thomas we went on an excursion where we took two-person motorized boats out to a cove and snorkeled. Unfortunately, I was enjoying myself too much to take pictures, but I did get a picture from the REALLY ghetto bus we had to ride to the little boat place. The hills were gorgeous and green and full of cool houses. This picture really does it no justice, but it was cool!

And here is a picture of one of our many towel animals: AN ELEPHANT!

Okay so I have a lot of pictures. I'm maybe halfway done, but I'm getting frustrated because it only lets me upload 5 pictures at a time, it takes about 5 minutes to upload, and then it adds the pictures BEFORE the ones I've already added so I have to move them all down and that takes forever. So I'm losing patience. So my question for you professional bloggers (haha) is: Is there any way to remedy this? :)

Anyway, Trevor and I had a fun day today as we ran around and attempted a few steps at changing my name to officially be "Shipp"! I got to join his bank account so I am now officially a member at the MACU! Woo hoo! Soon I'll have to get a Utah drivers' license. I have a feeling I'm going to be an official Utah citizen very soon.... something I've been avoiding for the last three years! :)

We also got to spend a ton of wedding money at Bed Bath and Beyond as well as some wedding money for groceries at Target! It's wonderful!! Trevor and I joke that we should get married again because it sets you up so well financially! We'll just have to enjoy the "free" money while it lasts!!

Well like I said, I've lost patience with the picture thing so I'll post more later. Night!


  1. haha! Coco Cay! I could show you a picture of that same sign from Steve and I's honeymoon. Hilarious. :) Looks like fun! And I'll help you figure out blogging. ;) Just come over one day and I'll show you the ropes. :P

  2. Maybe Meghan needs to show me the ropes as well, I have some of the same frustrations. :) I am loving all the pictures. I remember the whole drill with the life jackets in the beginning as well. Snorkeling sounds scary to me, but I am not a huge fan of the ocean as far as my body in the water. I had a run in with a crab on the Oregon coast one time, so I hang more on the shore. I also think that I watched Jaws a few too many times as a kid. Did you enjoy the endless softserve ice cream?

  3. Yes! That was one of our favorite parts! :)