Thursday, June 10, 2010

Double Decker

That's right. I just discovered that my steamer can be a DOUBLE DECKER steamer! :) Talk about steaming mushrooms and asaragus at the same time -- Yum!And thanks to my lovely steamer, Trevor and I made this wonderful, healthy meal full of vitamins and Omega-3's:
Yum. I LOVE Salmon. To cook, I just rubbed the top in olive oil, sprinkled on lemon pepper, and broiled it. And it was AMAZING! (This picture looks ALMOST good enough to be in a food magazine!)

How do you like to cook Salmon?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Alex's Adventures

So May kept both Trevor and I very busy, but since he was in Las Vegas during the week every week last month (and he will be in Vegas during the week every week this summer as well), I had to work on figuring out things to do during the week to keep me busy and happy. Some of those things include:
  • Yoga classes
  • Working more
  • Church activities
  • The occasional mingling with friends
On Saturday May 22nd, I attended the baby shower of my practically-lifetime friend, Victoria Bramwell. We grew up in NC together and now she's all "growed up" and havin' a baby boy! :) I'm so excited for her and I was glad to be a part of her shower, and to give her a Lamaze Moose toy that will surely provide hours of entertainment for baby Bramwell for years to come! Here are the NC girls, Allyse, Victoria, and me at the shower:Then, on Memorial Day weekend, Heidi and I drove down to Vegas to hang out with our guys for the weekend (and to give them a break from having to drive up to Utah). Although I can't say it was easy driving 6 hours with a 4-month-old who hates her carseat, it sure was worth it! It was fun to "live it up" in Vegas for a few days!

One fun thing that Heidi and I did was visit the M&M Factory off the Strip. It's 4 stories tall and we explored every one of them! Kate (Heidi's little girl) just loved it, and she provided many "ooohhhs" and "awwwwws" and "oh how cute!'s" for the other patrons in the store :) Here are Heidi and Kate smilin' for the camera:
And here are the girls in front of the big colorful M&M wall. Heidi and I couldn't help but spend FAR too much money to make a pack of our own color choice of M&Ms. Heck, why not? It's Vegas! :)
I'll make sure to keep you updated on some of my other recent life adventures, like attending a MMA fight night up in SLC last weekend. I saw 7 fights - lots of blood, broken noses, knock outs, bruises, and good times. A girl like me shouldn't like things like that.... but I really really do! :) Haha!