Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Delilah at 10 Months

Well, we've reached the double digits, the golden age, heaven on earth! :) This little girl is already transitioning from dependent baby to independent toddler. I can't believe it! She's such a happy little thing and loves to follow us around.
Here's some stats about Delilah at 10 months:

  • Size 6 (barely), 9, and 12 month clothes
  • Size 3 diapers
  • Pretty much weaned. I feed her every other day in the morning and she doesn't drink very much. It's more just to make sure my body doesn't freak out from cold turkey weaning.
  • Drinks 4-5 bottles of formula per day, 5-6 ounces each time. 
  • Starting to sleep through the night, but it's about a 70% chance that she'll wake up once some time between 2-4am to drink a bottle and fall back asleep right away. 
  • Holds her own bottles, which makes feedings very easy for me! :) Hooray!
  • Eats 2 packs of baby food each day, and likes to snack on graham crackers, ritz crackers, teddy grahams, baby puffs, or veggie straws whenever she gets the chance.
  • Real whole foods that she eats are mac n cheese, bananas, apples, frozen peas, bread, yogurt, potatoes (not her fav), avocados (also not a fav), sweet potatoes, green beans, and basically anything soft and sweet that I'll put in her mouth.
  • Just tried an "apple & chicken" baby food yesterday and she enjoyed it, so maybe we can do more meat soon!
  • She can basically sprint in crawling form. She stands up on everything, and has started holding on with just one hand and walking along furniture. She has stood up on her own (she was holding onto the laundry basket and let go), with a record time of 3-4 seconds so far. ;)
  • Claps her hands, waves hello and goodbye, has started to point, and loves to hit her fist on her mouth to make silly noises. She has also been caught successfully flushing the toilet once or twice. Haha!
  • Loves to walk (and "run"!) while we hold onto her hands. Getting a little more stable if we hold just one hand, but that still needs more work.
  • Loves to stand and walk with push toys or the dining room chairs. She's even strong enough to push one with Charlie on it! It's incredible! And he hates it when she moves him around. ;)
  • Verbal skills: "Nana" for banana (her very favorite food), "Dada" for Dad and Mom, "Mama" occasionally for Mom, "Baba" for bottle, "Nigh-nigh" for goodnight, and lots and lots of other babbling and shouting noises. She's a verbal one and I LOVE it!! I really am not sure what her official first word was, but it was probably Dada.
  • I'm teaching her the signs for milk and more. She quickly learned how to open and close her fist for "milk", now we just need to get her to do it purposefully. ;)
  • Favorite toys include her stuffed dolls, any books but especially ones that have cool textures, the plastic dishes in the bottom drawer of the kitchen, and all of her brother's toys (cars, trains, tools, blocks, etc)
  • She loves to follow Charlie around and torture him by touching all of his toys. She does it with a completely expressionless face, as he gets more and more upset, which makes it that much more hilarious. What a little rascal!
  • Takes two naps per day, one around 10am and one around 3:30 or 4pm. Together they total about 2.5 to 3 hours. She always hates going down for a nap and will stand and scream/cry for 10-15 minutes until she consigns herself to just lay down and sleep. 
  • She's great at going to bed at night, however, and will usually lay down and sleep without much fuss. She's also the happiest and most giggly right before bed. I think of it as the "golden" hour: the time between when Charlie has gone to bed and she goes to bed and I get to spend time with a super happy, somewhat giddy little girl. :)
  • Sleeps at night from about 8 or 8:30pm until 7 or 7:30am. With that one time waking up to eat.
  • Her hair is starting to fill out a bit, especially in the back. I finally did a cradle cap treatment on her this month and now it's all gone, yay!
  • No teeth to speak of! She's been a slow teether, but her bottom middle two will be popping through any day now!
  • Loves to act cute and shy when someone says hi to her or when we ask her to do one of her tricks on command. She'll bury her head into my shoulder or tilt her head so it touches my shoulder, trying to act extra cute. We love it!!
We really love this little girl's zest for life. I love that she doesn't like to miss out on anything and is our little shadow. When I read Charlie a book at night in bed (his bed is a mattress on the floor), she's always standing right there with her little head peeking over me to see what I'm reading. Such a curious cutie!

Also, here are a couple more photos that more accurately portray her personality right now:
Wearing her Easter dress:
And a video of her new clapping trick: