Sunday, August 24, 2008

Whew! We did it!

We moved to our new place!

Since our sublease was up at the end of August, we had to move out of our cute little North Wymount apartment. So, we picked up and moved to... South Wymount!!! :)

For your enjoyment, I've taken a few pictures of our place. There's not a picture of the living room yet because we won't get our sofas for a week or so and it just still looks like a junk storage place :).

But here are some other rooms:

This is our office room. In the picture you can see the new desk we got from Office Depot and my handsome hubby "working away"... playing solitare. To the right is our dresser from Ikea... it won't fit in our tiny bedroom. :) And the accordion door blocks our big storage room that we LOVE because it makes everything else so much less cluttered.Here's a peek into our bedroom from the doorway. We got our bedframe from Ikea and our fantastic mattresses for a great deal from RC Willey outlet. Our endtables are also from Ikea. And yes... for all of you people who are good at decorating... I KNOW that the picture is too small. :) We're working on that. Haha. Oh, and we owe our lives to Trev's grandma who made this quilt. It's saved our lives in the hot summer without A/C. Our down comforter was just too darn hot!!
Here's the bedroom closet that's on the opposite wall from our bed. I love the storage and shelf space here! There's even another closet just like this one in the office room, where we put all of our extra and off-season clothes. :)
Here's our teeny blue bathroom. It doesn't match my brown-green-tan theme, but it works I guess :) It's also nice that I could fit the storage unit there too, because that little medicine cabinet was not going to cut it. And yes, there are two mirrors in that little bathroom! :) His and hers??
Here's a shot of our new TV and TV stand. You can sort of see the DVD player at the bottom. This is our favorite form of entertainment so far :)
Here is the kitchen where Trevor is being a model for us again! Poor guy... I'm glad he cooperates. There's lots of cabinet space and counter space, especially compared to where we came from. Trevor is standing near the door of the slightly walk-in pantry. And on the left wall is our little table and chair set from Ikea. It fits perfectly into our little home.
Here's just a better shot of the counter space and sink area in the corner. I guess the "lovely" blue 70s countertop isn't so bad when you cover it with other things :)
And finally... I just had to show you: I got that one plant to grow flowers again! Here's a picture I got this morning after church. Just now, when I checked, two more of those buds had opened! :) Very exciting!
Hope you enjoyed the tour of our little home. I'll have to get a picture of our fantastic coat closet and our finished living room when everything is totally put away!

Moving was insane, but it's nice to have a place to call our own... completely ours!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our "Children" !!

Since Trevor and I obviously don't have kids and Wymount won't allow any pets (not even fish!!), we have discovered our love for raising... plants!! :)

So here's some pictures of our babies!

This first picture is of Trevor's bonsai tree that he purchased a little less than a year ago from a bonsai salesman on the side of the road. He had been wanting one for some time... so he finally gave in. Currently, our bonsai went through a bit of shock when we left it for a weekend to go camping, so it lost a bunch of leaves. We replanted it in fresh soil just two days ago and it's already growing a lot of its leaves back! :)Next are the tomato plants that I have been growing since the end of May or first of June. I went to an enrichment activity where we planted seeds. I planted grape tomato seeds and basil seeds. My parents told me it's impossible to grow tomato plants from seeds... but they seem to be doing pretty well, don't you think? They're probably about a foot tall or a little more. And they're growing a lot every day. I'm starting to have to stake some of them up... you may be able to see in the middle of the pot there's one with a stake (it's really a shish-kabob skewer).
This next picture has two plants in one pot. Down at the bottom you can see the two surviving basil plants that I grew from seeds. I did have four in this pot, but I came home one day to notice that someone (or something) had knocked it over and then tried to put the soil back in... but I could only see ONE of my four basil plants!! I looked around for the others with no luck, and then I dug into the loose soil and found one buried completely. That's the one on the right in this picture. It's been recovering since. I searched around for the other two smaller ones, but never found them. Oh well... at least I still have two! I'm not really sure what the other plant is. I know that at one point it had little purple flowers on it, but I haven't been able to see more blooms for a while, probably because it's about to be fall. But anyway, it's a plant Trevor picked up from the nursery where he got my birthday present--more seeds to plant! :)
This next plant is Trevor's mission plant. I can't remember what it's called at the moment-- a Japanese something or other. It's also called a money tree in some places. It's cousin to the cactus so it doesn't need much water. It kind of looks weird in this picture, but mainly because it needs to be re-potted when I get a chance. Apparently these things can grow to be big bushes, and if part of it is cut off, you can just stick it straight back into the soil and it will live. You can see the part that accidentally fell off of ours that I stuck back in the soil at the bottom. It's starting to grow new leaves :)
These next two pictures are ones of our brand-new additions! They are the seedlings of pepper plants that Trevor got me for my birthday. I planted the seeds in the little soil packages about a week and a half ago, and just recently I discovered my first sign of life:Just a few days later, this is what they look like! And they are growing REALLY fast. I have a feeling these will be big plants! The nursery said it's okay to plant them this late in the season, so I hope that they make it and we can maybe get some peppers to pick from them! I don't know why I find it so fun to grow things, but it's nice to have a fun hobby!
So... I hope you enjoyed getting to know our little "family" :)

We're moving to our new place with a porch by this Saturday, so my plants will have a nice sunny, safe place to grow! I can't wait!

Friday, August 15, 2008

An Update!

So I don't have any new pictures to post since we haven't done anything overly exciting in the last week or so, but there are a few exciting things happening!

I finished finals for Summer Term on Wednesday!!! Hooray! Now I have a two week break before school starts up again and I have class starting every day at 8! Yes. 8. I'm challenging myself. We'll see how it goes... because I really like to sleep in.

We are in the process of MOVING to our new place! Hooray! We've bought some furniture--nightstands,a dresser, a bed, a TV stand, table and chairs, etc. And our wonderful neighbors who just moved gave us an old microwave for free and an air conditioning unit for only 40 dollars! :) Thanks Becki and Steve!

However, this means we still need a living room set (sofa, love seat, end tables, etc.), a TV, a mattress, and a desk for the office room. Whew. What an investment! Any ideas on how to save money??

Work is also going well at the Buckle. I end my internship sometime this month and then I will move to leadership training! Hopefully my performance will keep improving! :)

And last, but NOT least at all, I bought the last book in the Twilight Series: Breaking Dawn! I've read about 30 pages... so don't tell me anything! But I'm very excited to have time to read it!

And then we can all discuss it together! :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Rainbow!

Yesterday in Provo it was--gasp!--CLOUDY! And at one point driving to school I actually saw a couple drops of rain on my windshield! I love rain, so whenever clouds come to Provo, I secretly pray for a torrential downpour, accompanied by a bit of thunder. Well yesterday, I didn't really get my wish, but it was raining up in the canyon by Y Mountain and I heard one really loud thunder, so I guess it's good enough :) However, I did get to see something more beautiful than I expected! Part of a bright, brilliant rainbow arching above Y Mountain! Since we live so close to the mountain, it was hard to find a place without trees to get a shot of the rainbow. But here's what I got:

However, I can't state how amazed I am that no camera can capture what the human eye is able to see. These pictures don't do it any justice. But I still had to share it with you! :)