Monday, August 27, 2012

Ten Month Sweetie!

A couple days ago my sweet son turned 10 months old! That's double digits in months! He has developed a lot of new tricks and abilities over the last month and it's just adorable! But first, here is his 10 month picture:
Facts about Charlie at 10 months:

  • Size 6-12 month, 9 month, and 12 month clothes
  • Size 4 diapers
  • Has started dancing to music and kind of tries to sing along. It's the cutest thing ever!!
  • Likes to be held more and will put his arms up to grab you if you go to hold him. 
  • Is becoming a bit more attached/clingy and is starting to develop object permanence
  • Can climb up a stair (not multiple, but has no problem going up or down one stair)
  • Becoming more talkative: Says "bababa, oooohhhh, mamama, and uhhhhhh"
  • Has been sick a lot this last month, so he definitely knows he hates having his nose wiped :(
  • Eats just about anything he can mash up and swallow
  • Has started copying hand motions (SOOO cute). If you put both fists in front of you and open and close your fingers (kind of like the sign language for milk with both hands) he will copy it. 
  • Hates getting his diaper and clothes changed. 
  • Has started to touch and feel things with his pointer finger instead of his whole hand. I'm sure he will start pointing AT things soon :)
  • Plays peekaboo in the form of 1) Lifts up something to cover his face 2) I say "Where's Charlie!?" 3) He pulls down the thing covering his face and smiles 4) I say "There he is!!!". Adorable.
  • Loves it when you cheer and clap for him when he does something new.
Other new talents include....playing the piano:

...Playing the guitar:
...Bathing in a big boy tub:
...Driving a car:
...And being the cutest boy on the planet ever to eat green beans:
Love this sweet, sweet boy!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Life As My Phone Sees It 8/8/12 - 8/19/12

8/11 - This was the day I drove up to Jackson Hole and got backed into... First pic is the front of my car afterwards (thank goodness it was still drivable!) and the second pic is a photo of the window at the tiny car repair shop in the closest town. It was closed that day, but the lady in town who ran the motel knew the shop owner's phone number, called him, and he said he's be glad to stop by to look at our cars and see if we could drive them. I hate breaking down in the middle of nowhere, but small towns where everybody knows everybody are kind of fun, aren't they? :)
8/12 - Elk antler arch at Jackson town square
8/13 - Heidi and I had a lot of fun window shopping on our girls' day (see previous post about our entire trip to Jackson Hole!). Heidi decided to show off this gem - it's a hat attached to mittens! What!??! The weirdest thing we actually saw was a fur jockstrap for men; you could buy one with a tail or without one. Gag!!
8/13 - My boys at the Mexican restaurant called the Merry Piglets in Jackson (see the pig painted on the wall in the background?). Charlie loved sitting at the table sampling the chips, rice, beans, pina coladas, and salsa!
8/17 - It was an unplanned splurging day! That morning, Trevor went and purchased his second MacBook pro (after he gave his first one to Trent to use in college). I call this new beauty "Mac 2.0"! Afterwards, he felt a bit guilty for buying something so nice for himself and told me I should go buy the camera I'd been wanting since my birthday. So, I did! The beauty on the right is my new Canon Rebel T3i.
8/18 - Ryan and his kids came to town so we went up to Squaw Peak lookout with them and the Sonnenbergs on Saturday. To our surprise, there were three guys getting ready to go paragliding off the side of the mountain! So we stayed a few extra minutes to watch them take off. It was so neat, although I'll admit I was terrified for them!
8/18 - After seeing the views at Squaw Peak lookout, we all went a little further up the canyon to Bridal Veil Falls! I was pretty excited since I've driven by it many times but I've never actually walked through the park at the base of the falls. It was a pretty hot day, so it felt wonderful to dip my toes in the freezing cold water!
Life is good. We are all enjoying our many adventures! The next one coming up starts on Thursday when we leave to fly to NC for a couple of weeks! SO excited!! :)

Camera Love

I'm seriously just SO excited about my new Canon Rebel T3i that I bought yesterday. Here's a pic I snapped over at Meg and Steve's house earlier today:
Yep. I can tell that it's the beginning of a beautiful relationship... can't wait until I can learn more and more!! But, until then, enjoy this picture of my sweet little one who is growing up WAY too fast for my liking.

And also make sure to see the other post I did tonight about our trip to Jackson Hole, if you haven't already! :)

Jackson Hole

Despite having a pretty rough start to our weekend (what, with a FedEx truck backing into my car in the middle of nowhere Wyoming where we had to wait for 2 hours for the police to come and then 2 more hours for him to do paperwork and then finally deciding that my poor smashed car might be drivable and making it into town at 6:30pm instead of 1:30pm...) we ended up having a great time! We decided to have a weekend vacation in Jackson Hole, WY with Dave and Heidi & family after T and Dave ran a 200 mile relay race from Logan, UT to Jackson Hole.

On Saturday night, after we finally arrived in town, got into our hotel rooms, and unpacked our cars, we all drove over to Bar J Chuckwagon where we enjoyed a good down-home meal of beef, chicken, applesauce, beans, rolls and spice cake! After inhaling dinner (I was SO hungry and cranky... and food helped a lot!) we enjoyed the music and comedy show they put on for the crowd. I was in heaven with the live country/bluegrass music and couldn't help but think that my Dad would have LOVED it!! We all got into bed pretty late that night, but we once we were asleep, we were out COLD until morning.

The next day, Sunday, we took it easy in the morning, recovering from the day before. Closer to noon, we ran some errands in town and ended up going to Sacrament Meeting at the Jackson 1st Ward in town. It was just a few blocks away from the main square, so after church we decided to take a stroll around the main tourist area of Jackson Hole!

Here is everybody (including a third couple - I can't remember their names at the moment - but the guy was the captain of their relay team) standing under the famous arches made of elk antlers!
And a bit later T and I got a shot of just the two of us (Charlie had fallen asleep... you can sort of see the stroller in the background).
Sunday evening we went out for dinner at one of the nice restaurants in the Teton Village resort where we were staying. The food was good, but not quite worth the price tag attached. All I can remember, though, was three tired kids making lots of noise. By the end of dinner, we were all exhausted and had headaches and sent our kids straight for their beds!! After the kids were all asleep, the adults had some much-needed social time talking, eating chocolates and ice cream, and playing a round of Settlers of Catan. Kudos to Heidi for claiming the victory! :)

Early Monday morning, the two guys went off to play a round of Frisbee Golf at a course set up on the ski slopes near our resort. After they got back, Heidi and I got to go on a girl's day where we ate breakfast crepes at a delicious little cafe in Jackson and then walked around the town square window shopping. My favorite store, by far, was a toy store they had! I LOVE toy stores and it took everything I had inside of me to keep from buying some new items for Charlie!

We then joined back with our families to have a late lunch at the Merry Piglets Mexican Restaurant (which had EXCELLENT food, by the way, and was totally worth the reasonable price tag!). Afterward we tasted huckleberry smoothies, played a little game of chess, and decompressed in a quiet park. The weather there was just perfect! Warm, but not too hot to make it miserable.

When we finally ventured back to Teton Village, we took an opportunity to take the free gondola to the top of the mountain to see the views. Here is everyone at the top:
And then when I saw how cute my little boy looked, seeming all grown up sitting on the steps with his Daddy, I couldn't help but get a little photo happy!
And a cute, tired face.
Sweet Emma with Heidi.
After we made our way back down the mountain, Trevor and I got everything packed back into the car so we could start our trip back home to Utah. I drove the whole way and it was utterly horrifying. I don't mind driving, but driving at night with no other cars around in the middle of nowhere when a deer could jump out in front of you at any moment and everyone else in the car is asleep... yeah... not my cup of tea. But, despite getting in at 12:30am and being very tired, we made it!!

The next morning we woke up to realize that Charlie had caught Emma's cold and that Trevor had left his car up in SLC (so we drove up to get it ugggh). I've been trying to decide if the trip was worth a busted car and a sick child... and after writing this blog post, I'd have to say we made some pretty good memories, so YES, it was totally worth it! At the end of the day, my car will get fixed and my son will recover from his cold. Those things will pass. But the memories will stay forever. :)

Like this one:
Yessir. That was the bedroom that T and I slept in at our hotel. Romantic, isn't it? ;) Have you ever seen anything like this in your life? Yeah, me neither. But it served its purpose and it sure gave us a few laughs. :D Good times.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Life As My Phone Sees It 7/26/12 - 8/7/12

Friday, 7/27 - Rocking Charlie to sleep. There is nothing in this world I love more than holding his hand in mine, especially when he is sleeping.
First pic: Also taken 7/27, while watching the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies on TV that night. I love the Olympics! And it was a pretty neat Opening Ceremonies. Wish I could have actually been there to see it all. Let the games begin!
Second pic: 7/30 - Went outside to soak up some Vitamin D while Charlie was napping. Does anyone else's feet swell up like tomatoes when they get hot? Also, I was so glad that I wasn't where T was that day (at Scout Camp where it was pouring rain!).
7/31 - Charlie had his 9 month checkup at the doctor. Here's my view looking down. We had seen the nurse who took some blood from his big toe and we were waiting for the doctor. He was in his diaper and shoes so he wouldn't pull the band-aid off his toe. :)
8/6 - My child loves to watch Jeopardy just as much as I do! He didn't move from that spot for at least 5 minutes.
8/7 - Played outside on the lawn in a little blowup pool today. So nice to get some sun and get ready for the beach in a couple weeks!! I gave him a little baby Mohawk in his hair. Gotta love it! :)
Getting ready for some fun vacations coming up, so I'm going to be busy busy! Also, I'm participating in the August Photo-a-day challenge, so I'll post all of those Instagram pictures at the end of the month! :)