Monday, August 27, 2012

Ten Month Sweetie!

A couple days ago my sweet son turned 10 months old! That's double digits in months! He has developed a lot of new tricks and abilities over the last month and it's just adorable! But first, here is his 10 month picture:
Facts about Charlie at 10 months:

  • Size 6-12 month, 9 month, and 12 month clothes
  • Size 4 diapers
  • Has started dancing to music and kind of tries to sing along. It's the cutest thing ever!!
  • Likes to be held more and will put his arms up to grab you if you go to hold him. 
  • Is becoming a bit more attached/clingy and is starting to develop object permanence
  • Can climb up a stair (not multiple, but has no problem going up or down one stair)
  • Becoming more talkative: Says "bababa, oooohhhh, mamama, and uhhhhhh"
  • Has been sick a lot this last month, so he definitely knows he hates having his nose wiped :(
  • Eats just about anything he can mash up and swallow
  • Has started copying hand motions (SOOO cute). If you put both fists in front of you and open and close your fingers (kind of like the sign language for milk with both hands) he will copy it. 
  • Hates getting his diaper and clothes changed. 
  • Has started to touch and feel things with his pointer finger instead of his whole hand. I'm sure he will start pointing AT things soon :)
  • Plays peekaboo in the form of 1) Lifts up something to cover his face 2) I say "Where's Charlie!?" 3) He pulls down the thing covering his face and smiles 4) I say "There he is!!!". Adorable.
  • Loves it when you cheer and clap for him when he does something new.
Other new talents include....playing the piano:

...Playing the guitar:
...Bathing in a big boy tub:
...Driving a car:
...And being the cutest boy on the planet ever to eat green beans:
Love this sweet, sweet boy!!


  1. He really is SO cute! I love the picture at the beginning by the teddy bear. He looks like he is having the time of his life.

  2. Cutie Patootie ! Thanks for keeping everyone updated. The picture playing piano; there's one similiar with YOU on Dad's lap. Great talents handed down.

  3. He is so cute! I love those eyes in the last picture!