Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Day :)

Trevor and I celebrated our THIRD Valentine's day together this year! :) It started for me the night before, when I waited for Trevor to get tired and announce "I'm going to bed". This usually occurs around midnight or a bit sooner, and fortunately, this night was no different. So, he stumbled off to bed and I broke out the goodies! :) I set them all up on our kitchen table so he would find them when he woke up at the crack of dawn to play basketball with Randy.
I got him a cute balloon, lots of chocolate, a Valentine's mug (because I broke the only mug we had for hot chocolate), a greeting card, a $20 Subway gift card, and a homemade card full of 50 reasons why I love him! I could have thought of more... but the card would only fit 50. Should have made the card bigger :)After playing basketball and working out, Trevor swung by the flower shop and got me a gorgeous vase full of purple-pink roses accompanied by a sweet note! So gorgeous! He also came home with a ton of balloons and a yoga mat in support of my new hobby! YAY! You can kind of see the yoga mat hiding underneath the ironing board. I made him take another doorway shot (almost identical to the other one) before we went out for dinner in Park City. We were nervous about making it there because at the time we were planning to leave, it was blizzarding in Provo. But, fortunately, by the time we got into the canyon, the snowing slowed and in Park City the skies were completely clear. We got there a bit early so we looked around in the little indoor mall, where we discovered a really cool shop full of amazing rocks, fossils, and dinosaur bones. Both of us were in heaven, and we discovered we both love rocks and used to collect them as kids. It made me pretty happy that he shares this silly interest with me! When we told our friends about it, they just looked at us like we were crazy. I guess they aren't huge rock fans :)

We ate at a French/American restaurant named Bistro 412 on Main Street in Park City. We both ate the Bison Ribeye and it was pretty delicious! After our 5:30 dinner reservation (yes, we are old fogies now!) we made our way back to the car to drive home. Back in Provo, we spent a relaxing night watching TV until we retired to bed. It was wonderful to spend an entire day with my husband and to remember the reasons why we love each other. :)

And I had to throw this in as a fun little memory--a picture of our first Valentine's day together, right after we started dating in 2007. We went to a restaurant in Park City off Main Street that year, and the next year. I guess we're making it a tradition--and so far, it's been a very delicious one! This picture was back when Trevor didn't mind matching his clothes to mine! :) HahaHappy Valentine's Day everybody! I hope you had a wonderful day, whether you are single, dating, or married! I hope to try to remember the love I have for everyone I love as the year goes on, so I can celebrate that love all year round--not just one day! :)

Love you all!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Game Night? More Like a Trip (or Two) to the ER!

Sunday (yesterday) night I went over to Randy and Jenny's to play games (without Trevor because he had stuff he needed to get done). I got there and we were enjoying some chips and salsa. They also had a jar of candy including chocolate covered raisins, peanuts, and other sorts of nuts. Since I'm allergic to peanuts, I tried to carefully pick out the raisin ones (they are SO good!). Unfortunately, one of the ones I thought was a raisin was a nut... but it didn't taste like a peanut... so I thought I'd be okay.

Well, sure enough about a minute later my tongue and throat started to swell. Drinking water didn't help and I started to get worried... I was swelling a little more than I was used to. So the Bucks offered to take me to the hospital just up the road, and I thought it might be a good idea, just in case. So we went to the ER and I told them my throat was swelling because I ate a peanut. This got me in pretty fast because that's on the top of the priority list, thank goodness!

So I saw a preliminary nurse who gave me a small benadryl to hopefully help with the allergens. By the time I went to my hospital room, the tongue and throat swelling had subsided, but my stoomach had started hurting pretty bad. So they gave me a nausea pill to take, which I stored in my purse because by THAT point, my stomach was feeling better too. So, they gave me some instructions and told me I could go home. Right as I was about to leave one of the nurses asked if I usually got hives because my neck was looking a little red. After she said that, I started to realize that I had been scratching my ears and neck and that they were pretty itchy, but it didn't seem to be a big deal, so we left.

We stopped by the Buck's house and Jenny drove my car home for me while Randy cheuffered me safely home. By the time we got there, however, I realized that I was starting to wheeze a little, as if I had been in the same room as a dog for too long, and that the itchy hives were spreading further down my body. So I asked the guys for a blessing and they gave me one. The Bucks left soon after, and I started to get ready for bed. But I was worried-- the hives were getting intense and my breathing was strange... so I called the ER again and the preliminary nurse talked with me and said I sounded worse and she really wanted me to come back because if my throat closed I could die. I didn't think my throat would close up, but by this point I was willing to play it more safe than sorry because I had never reacted like this to a peanut before.

So my sweet Trevor drove me back to the ER at 10:30 and they put me straight into a room. By this point the insides of my arms were one big hive and my eyes were swelling so I took my contacts out. Soon a male nurse came in and gave me an IV with saline solution to clear the path for the epinephrine shot I would be getting. It must have been the combination of the needle being poked in my arm, the blood running down my arm from the needle, and the trauma of my allergic reaction... but right after he got the IV in, I felt really light headed and knew I was going to throw up. And throw up I did. It was gross. But at least it got that peanut out!

Then I got an epinephrine shot (like an epi pen) and a shot of steriods and more saline. Then they let me sit there and close my eyes for... oh... about an hour. At about 12:15 (and the point where Trevor was getting a little impatient) they finally came back and said I was looking a lot better. They handed me instructions and prescriptions for some medicines and an epi pen for me to carry around with me, just incase this happens again. When I got up to leave, I felt light headed and had to take another short trip to the bathroom to empty the rest of my stomach. It was a very draining, traumatizing experience.

Needless to say, I learned a lot last night. I learned that my reactions are a lot worse than I thought, especially if I SWALLOW a peanut. I also learned that if I have hives on the outside, they could be on the inside too, which could be dangerous-- so hives aren't always benign. I learned that I may be getting worse reactions with age, which is scary. I learned that I should be even MORE careful about avoiding peanuts because it's not as mild as it used to be.

Most importantly, though, I remembered to be grateful for life. In our choir class we are singing a piece by Aaron Copland called "The Promise of Living". It's a great piece, and today we went straight through it with the piano accompaniment for the first time. There's a part in the middle of the piece where the women start to sing and these are the lyrics:

Give thanks there was sunshine
Give thanks there was rain
Give thanks for the hands that delivered the grain
Oh let us be joyful
Oh let us be grateful
To the Lord for His blessing

Needless to say, I couldn't make it through that part. I just started crying. I realized I was so grateful for life and for everything the Lord gives us - rain, sunshine, food, shelter, loved ones! It is such an overwhelming feeling to be reminded of how precious every day is. So, even though I wouldn't necessarily ASK for the experience I had at the ER last night... I'm honestly grateful for it... because it has reminded me of the important things in life, which I tend to forget about when life is normal and day-to-day.

I just want you all to know that I love you and I am grateful for you and for the specific roles you have each played in my life. I couldn't ask for better friends!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lots 'n Lots of Dates

In January, Trevor and I went on a lot of dates. We enjoyed many movies, dinners, and a few sports events. Fortunately, we had received gift cards and coupons for Christmas to make this a little less expensive. But, unfortunately, we still spent a little more money then we should have. Here are Trevor's tips on how to fix this problem. But below I've posted a couple pictures of us for your enjoyment (because these are the only pictures I have to show anyone haha).These next two were taken at the BYU v. UNLV basketball game, for which I got free tickets! It was pretty fun even though we lost. We took way more pictures than these, but I picked the "best". Right after forcing Trev to take all these pictures, the girl in yellow behind us asked me how long we'd been married, thinking for SURE that we were newlyweds. When I said 8 1/2 months she was surprised. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but I'm going to assume it's a GREAT thing that we are still crazy about each other 9 months into our marriage! :)
If you've been on any fun dates lately that are cheap and/or unique, let me know! We've been searching for cheap date ideas to make up for our overspenditure last month. :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Congratulations Meghan and Cole!

Our friends Meghan Holmberg and Cole Ballard were married on Saturday, January 31st in the Manti temple! Trevor and I had the opportunity to drive down and take part in the sealing ceremony and the pictures. I pulled out my camera to grab a couple pictures while the professional was doing her work, and realized I could only get a couple because my camera was dying! :( Sad! But here are the few I got!

Congrats you guys! We love you! And we're excited to have Wymount neighbors!!