Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Honeymoon!

So, as promised, here are some pictures I took on our honeymoon cruise!

The first day on the boat, everyone had to attend a mandatory emergency drill thing... so we strapped on our jackets for safety! :)

Our first stop was Royal Caribbean's private island named CocoCay. It was little, but it provided some nice scenery and was good for laying out! There was white sand, blue water, and palm trees with coconuts! Even if it was small, it provided a cute first stop!

We also spotted some exotic wildlife on the island! We found HUGE iguanas sunbathing at "Iguana Bay" and found a peacock on the "Nature Trail"!! It was fun!

Here we are on top of the tender that took us out to the island. The ocean was really choppy so we practically had a roller-coaster ride back to the ship, which, by the way, is HUGE!!! As you may or may not be able to tell by the picture.

Okay I just realized that it's a lot easier to upload ALL the pictures first and THEN write captions.... so I'm going to make a second honeymoon post because this is taking forever...


Oh blogging.


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