Thursday, May 22, 2008

More Honeymoon... Bored Yet?

I have decided to post only a few pictures at a time for now, so these are from our lovely excursion to Orient Beach on the fantastic island of St. Martin (and yes, it was the French side so it's not St. Maarten, because that 's how it's spelled on the Dutch side). Wow I sound like a tour guide or an info brochure! :)Just a view from the beach! Gorgeous!

Here's Trevor! He looks like he's waving but he actually had a lot of sand and shells on his hand and was showing me. My favorite thing about this picture is it looks like his shoulders are smoking because of the cloud in the background! And they probably were close to smoking because he got BURNED! He's peeling now, and Meghan, I hear that back in the day you thoroughly enjoyed peeling the skin off his back! EWWW! :)

This was awesome! I got a picture of a wave crashing on my first try!

A nearby sunbather took this picture for us! Yay for being "the Honeymooners"... and probably the only sober Honeymooners on the boat!... other than the other Mormon newlywed couple that we met! :)

Our shell collection! I like the middle one best!

Well today was nice. Trevor and I went up to his parents' house to pick up mail and the last of Trevor's stuff. They also let us do our laundry, and I really can't explain how happy it makes me to have my laundry clean for FREE! Prices for the machines where we currently live are kind of ridiculous...!

Tonight I broiled steaks and now we're eating ice cream watching NBA basketball. Life is wonderful :) I think Trevor plans to go back to work tomorrow, and I also think we're both ready to have a little "me" time! I also start my internship at Buckle (a clothing store at Provo mall) on Monday, and I'm actually excited to start getting back into work again... wonder how long that will last? ;)

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  1. Did the people you shared a table with for dinner every night try to buy you shots?!? ;) Ours did. They were CRAZY. :)
    And yes, I'm a "picker". I'll admit it. I enjoy peeling off nasty skin. Ewww, it sounds worse when I type it out. :P