Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just a Few of my Favorite Wedding Pictures

So I really don't have much more to blog about... other than my wedding, since it's the only thing where pictures were taken in a long time.... so here are some of my favorites!

This first one is of the whole Shipp side. I was happy that everyone was looking at the camera! And almost everybody is smiling! Almost.... :)

This second one is my favorite of Trevor and his best friends! They all look so happy and you can see all of their personalities in it as well!
The third one is the bridesmaids shot of course! Well, I guess all of them except Christina were brides matrons haha! Well at least I found out she's probably getting engaged in the next couple weeks and she'll be married by the end of August! But shhh... don't tell :)

I love this next one! It's currently my desktop background!
But my most favorite of ALL of these pictures is probably this one, where he's hugging me in front of the temple. It was a candid shot, I'm sure, because he just hugged me like this all day! So I really like it because it's real, and not posed, and it shows real emotion! :)
Well... I'm trying to think of other things to do with my life. I'm still working on sending out thank-you cards for everyone for their gifts... it's really tedious. Also, I don't have addresses for any of the Shipp side people so I'm going to have to ask for a list from Jill I think. Some people probably won't get their thank-yous until months after the wedding! Is that bad??? I feel like a slacker! :)

I'm also enjoying my internship at the Buckle, but I'm still getting used to everything and sometimes I feel like I'm not doing a very good job. But then I have to remind myself that it's only my second week!

Oh! I also got a traffic ticket about a week ago. It was really dumb. I wasn't even speeding this time! Haha. I had just pulled out of the post office and had driven two blocks. I was pulling up to a light to turn right and the light was turning red, so I had to stop really fast (first mistake). When I looked to my left, there was a cop at the intersection waiting to go straight and I knew I didn't have my seatbelt on, so I started to put it on (second mistake). So I turned right onto Freedom and a few blocks later, I see a cop car behind me and then it turns on its lights and makes a couple little noises with the siren and I'm thinking "ME? What did I do?" I was surprisingly calm given the situation as I pulled into the Smith's parking lot. I always thought I'd start crying as soon as I was pulled over, but I didn't. So he comes up to my window and I asked what was going on. He told me he pulled me over for stopping in front of the stop line and not having my seat belt on. I tried the excuses like "I had just left the post office" and "Sorry, the light was yellow and then red, so I had to stop really fast", but he wasn't really interested. So he went back to his car and was there a while... so I knew I was doomed. The best part about this story is that he only wrote me up for not wearing a seatbelt, so I wasn't written up for the moving violation. That means I just have to pay a fine and go on my way instead of going to traffic school to avoid getting points on my license. Whew! I guess he was "nice" but I still left in a bad mood! My first ticket ever! Blah! So today I get to go to the building and pay my fine. Well, I guess it could be worse, right? :)

And finally, I've been thinking about making a recipe box or something. I got a lot of recipes from my bridal shower in NC, and I want to organize them into something that I can add to. I was thinking note cards and one of those note boxes... but SOME of you (cough cough Meghan) are more creative than I am and would probably have some really cute ideas! So send them my way! Thank you :)

Also, you still need to get Facebook :) and click sign up... it's that easy! :)

Love you!


  1. Cute wedding pictures!! Tell your family that I'm working on a couple more pics I took and then they'll get that CD I promised them. Oh, and I guess I'll be making one for you too. haha ;)

    As far as the ticket... yuck. Ask Steve, for a while when we were first married I got a ticket every couple of months... always for speeding. I'm the queen of traffic school. ;) I haven't gotten one for over a year now though! Knock on wood...

  2. Alex! I'm so excited for you! Sounds like you're loving married life! I've looked at ALL of your wedding pics. ADORABLE. What a fun day that must have been! Hope your summer is just fabulous!! Love you!

  3. trevor!!! whats up? its me, the former elder okamoto. how you been? congrats on the wedding, hope you guys are healthy and happy but it sounds like you dont need my wishes for that. take it easy folks!
    clint and madelyn and kate

  4. Hey you two! Your wedding pictures are adorable! Give us a call sometime . We'd love to see you.