Friday, June 27, 2008

Nothing Much to Write About...

Tonight, Trevor said, "You need to make a new post." So here I am. I'm going to type some things for you to read if you get that bored! :) Let's see... what to write about? Hmm... well currently Trevor is sitting on the sofa eating a quesadilla and watching the old version of Anaconda (or some similar old movie with a very large animatronic snake). As for me, it's 11:39 PM and I have work at 9 in the morning so I should be going to bed rather than posting a blog post. I don't even have any pictures to put up! Wow! How boring!

But, I do have one thing to report on! Today, Trevor and I had the opportunity to attend Shawn and Jana Porter's sealing in the Mt. Timpanogos temple! It was amazing how powerful the Spirit felt as the sealer pronounced blessing after blessing upon their union. He was also a very humorous man and made all of us laugh quite a few times. He really had a way of evoking the emotion of everyone in the room. The experience was wonderful, and it was nice to be reminded of our own special day when we were sealed in the temple!

After, we went out on the grounds to take pictures. Since I was only a friend of the bride and groom, I didn't have to stand in the heat too long. However, it was fun when Shawn's dad asked me to use his camera to take pictures along side the professional photographer. It was a pretty nice camera, and it really was a TON of fun to look through the viewfinder (which was the better option than the digital screen in the noon sun) and shoot pictures of the bride and groom. I really do enjoy photography. When I told Trevor how much fun I had, he told me I should become a photographer. I laughed and said, "Yeah... I'd love to... but it's really hard to get started!" Well, I guess it's not a fruitless hobby because I know at least ONE person who just has natural talent with a camera and is very successful in her hobby (coughMeghancough). Well... that's about all I can think of to write at the moment. I'm sure I'll think of more later.

Sorry I don't have pictures. Maybe I'll dig into the wedding file and pick one to post....
Hmmmm... let's see.....well it's not one of both of us, but it's a pretty contemporary bridal shot!
My photographer was Julie Parker and you can see all of our pictures if you go to and click on "Proofing" at the bottom and then enter the password "Trevor and Alex" with the spaces and capitalization. Have fun! :)

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