Thursday, July 31, 2008


So... the other day when I got home and I was about to park behind our place, I saw two does and two fauns playing and eating in the trees! I see deer at my house all the time... and I'm just thinking who needs to go camping to see deer when you can just look out your window?? :) Okay okay I know they aren't majestic bucks, but still... very cute!

(This was for you Shawn and Jana) :)


  1. shawn will have a few words to say to you about this hahaha; "but its not the same as seeing one where you can kill it!" he'll say. i wont ever quite fully understand it either but he's my hubby so i have to pretend haha ;)

  2. Alex this is shawn and those little deer are weak compared to the monsters we saw camping, oh and honey thanks for throwing in a jab of your own i love you too :) yay for blogging and game night

  3. WOAH!

    What ARE those?!

    Oh wait, I just remembered that deer outnumber humans in NC.

    Haha You Utah people would be in complete AMAZEMENT coming here.

    Rainstorms, deer, WOAH!


    I love you guys!