Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Fourth (and Fifth) of July!

Well Trevor and I had a fantastic holiday weekend! The fourth started off very early in the morning (6:15) to see the hot air balloons in Provo! We went with our friends Becca and Matt Meservy, who were sweet and baked us muffins so we wouldn't be hungry in the morning! Even though it was SOO early when we got there, the balloons had already been blown up (which I was bummed about) and were about to take off! Here's what it looked like when we first arrived!
And here we are in front of some of the balloons! We both have serious morning eyes haha!
They all started taking off and some were bumping into each other. Is that even safe?? Haha
and AWAY! I like the pig and Smokey the Bear! (can you spot them?)
The sun finally peeked through Rock Canyon at about 7 in the morning! It made for a really cool shot! :)
Later, after a quick morning nap for Trevor, we walked down to the Provo parade at 10. Even though our spot wasn't ideal, we still had a ton of fun! Who really goes to a parade to SEE the parade? We just wanted to see family! :) Here's my brother-in-law Steve and his two A-DORABLE kids Kanyon and Scarlett!
After the parade, Trevor and I stopped to get lunch and ate at Yoasis... a new yogurt place in Provo. It was pretty good, although I was surprised with my first bite which was a whole lot more bitter than I was expecting!! I guess that's what they meant by "real" yogurt :)

On the walk back to our house, we saw this tank round the corner. I had to laugh and take a picture because the parade (for us) had ended 40 minutes before, but they had probably just made it to the end and were driving back to.... well... wherever the tanks go after the parade. Anyway, I thought it funny that a random tank rounded the bend with everyone still in position and the flag raised! :D
Later that night, after I had to work for 7 hours, we went over to Meg and Steve's house for fireworks with all my nieces and nephews! This is pretty much how exciting it was:
There's something about being a kid that makes those little ones a lot more spectacular :)

After the booming had died down, Trevor got bored so he started playing "fetch" with Scarlett. It was pretty much hilarious that she WOULD go get the ball and bring it back to him!
Trevor was getting a kick out of it! And I'm sure Scarlett was too because Meg said this is probably the first time she's ever been up late enough to see darkness! :)
This one doesn't make much sense, but I took it right after Trevor pretended to throw the ball and Scarlett got really confused and turned around with a look on her face like "Huh? Where did it go?" Very entertaining!
And this is my other brother-in-law, Ryan. He's shooting bottle rockets from his hand. Err... that's dangerous :) Oh yeah and did we mention he blew up some empty coke cans which landed on a few cars? Oops!
The next day, Saturday, Trevor and I spent some lazy time around the house, but then we went to the Cummings Family reunion in Heber City for the afternoon. We thoroughly enjoyed eating hot dogs and hamburgers, and dessert! Then the kids (and a few unlucky adults) got soaked with water balloons! Trevor, Ryan, Trent, and I and a couple kids all played in the field for a while. I even was given the chance to play broom ball... and I slowly improved :) Haha... it's a tough thing! Brooms are not the most accurate bats!

This picture is of Grandma and Grandpa Cummings with all the grandkids! Wow! There are so many of them! I was honestly surprised... :) What a posterity!
It's fun to think that my married life has only begun. I have so many things to look forward to in life! A house, kids, minivans (haha), school, teenagers, college, kids get married, kids have kids... it seems so far away! And it is! I love how life is constantly changing and I want to take each day a step at a time and enjoy what life brings me!

So far I have a wonderful hubby and a nice place to live... I can't even imagine what's next!

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  1. Love the pics! :) The 4th was a blast, and come now... you know you were amazed by Steve and Ryan's fireworks show. ;)