Monday, July 14, 2008

Friends + Treats + Games = A Fun Sunday Night!

As I mentioned in our previous post, Trevor and I invited a bunch of our friends over last night for game night! Here's a picture of everybody (except me because I was taking it!) while playing Phase 10:From left to right are Trevor, Dave and Heidi, Jana and Shawn (recently married!) and Randy and Jenny (soon to be married!).

Well, when Phase 10 got boring (which happened after about 3 rounds), we broke out a game of Clue... which was much rowdier than it should have ever been! Haha... needless to say it was a good time. We also made frozen hot chocolate and Jenny brought over a homemade coffee cake! Yum! We're going to try to make it a tradition on Sunday nights! It always feels good to have friends and be social!


  1. you are such a great blogger! look at you go! i love sunday night games... we definitely need to make it regular!

  2. I love that you have Sunday game night. Sounds so fun! I love playing games...ryan...not so much. :(

  3. hi! i had to change our blog because the other was messed up it wouldnt let me do things so here is our new page... and ill have shawn call trev about this weekend!