Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Fantastic Weekend!

Our weekend has been busy, but full of fun! On Friday night, Trevor and I went rock climbing with our friends Christina, Travis, Chris, and Victoria. It was my first time in a long time, so I was really excited! After a pretty quick debriefing of how to operate the ropes and harnesses correctly, I had my very first experience belaying! It was fun, but kind of scary to think that your husband's life is in your hands. If he slips and you aren't doing your job, it could be really bad! :( Fortunately, I was a good belayer and kept him safe. As you can see here, it was a tough job because he had to keep taking breaks! :)

Here's a fun picture where you can see him climbing and me belaying at the same time! He picked a pretty tricky wall with overhangs and small rocks! Go him! The first wall we both climbed was a beginner wall, and that got us pretty warmed up for the harder stuff. My very second wall was intense! It had very small rocks which were spaced farther and farther apart as I ascended! Talk about challenging! But I did it, and it helped me improve my rock climbing skills! This next one is of Trevor being my belayer. I was climbing a fairly hard wall, but it was my third or fourth so my arms were sore and my legs were shaky! It's quite funny when my leg starts shaking, and it's too bad we didn't get a video of that! They were making fun of me, but I tell ya... rock climbing is a work out! Afterward our forearms and fingers were awfully sore, and I thought for sure they'd be killing me the next day, but surprisingly they weren't! Apparently our arms shouldn't hurt that bad if we're climbing right (more with our legs and feet for leverage)... so I guess we'll have to work on our technique!

Then, on Saturday morning, Trevor and I woke up a bit early to help the ward clean the church building. After, I showered and hurried over to my friend Becca Meservy's baby shower! She's due any minute now... and sometimes I'm concerned she may just POP! :) Look at that belly!
Her baby shower was also a scrapbooking party, and we all used our talents to make her some pages that she can put pictures on after the baby is born! Well, I also used this opportunity to start a little wedding scrapbooking of my own. Here's the cover of the album I have:
And here is the first page in the album (not bad for a first page!)...
So I'm just getting warmed up, and today I did two more pages. One is of us coming out of the temple and the other is family! Slowly and surely I'll make it cute! :)
Well anyway, it's been a great weekend so far. Tonight, in about an hour we're having a few friends over for desserts and game night! I love Sunday game night! :) Maybe I'll remember to take pictures and post them next time!

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  1. Looks like fun, and I love that you are a fellow scrapbooker. Someday, me you and Meg will have to do some together. :) We love rock climbing too! Ryan and I just went with some friends about a month ago.