Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Such a Trooper! (and Phone Photos this Week)

Ahh. I have the sweetest little man! Today was Charlie's 6 month checkup at the doctor. And you know what that means... shots! He's always done fairly well after shots, but I am seriously amazed at how much of a trooper he was today! The three pokes were NOT fun... and he definitely let us know (you know, the "I can't breathe and my face is red and my mouth is as wide as it gets and I'm bleating like a little lamb" cry). But as soon as the mean nurse was done, I sat down with him and let him enjoy 6 ounces of delicious milk. That seemed to help a ton, and by the end of the bottle he was no longer sad and he even gave me a little smile! And on the way home he fell asleep in his car seat and I transferred him into his crib. Such a trooper. I'm so lucky. I guess we'll just see how the next few days go with his sore upper legs (that's always the worst part!).

On another note, here are his stats for today (6 mos and 6 days):
  • Weight: 16lbs 7oz - about the 25th percentile
  • Height: 26.25 inches - about the 20-something-th percentile (can't remember)
  • Head Circumference: In about the 36th percentile, which is bigger than it's ever been, so I'm proud :)
Also, I really think he is starting to grow some hair. Or maybe I'm crazy. We'll see!

Also also, the doctor prescribed a daily vitamin with fluoride that he's going to start getting every day for a healthy boy with strong teeth (when they come in)!

And finally, here are the three pictures for my "Life As My Phone Sees It" for the last few days (4/26 to 4/30):

4/26 - Nap time is by far the best time of day! Ahh.... :) And he's sooo peaceful!
 4/26 - Went to the grocery store and let Charlie sit up in the cart like a big boy for the first time. He LOVED it! So many fun things to look at!! In fact, he was so enthralled by everything/everyone around him that I couldn't even get him to look at the camera to take this picture... :D
 4/30 - Just chilling around the house. Today was a "giraffes and elephants" kind of day, I guess... since both his shirt AND his little soft discovery book had them :) That little book was actually hand made by African ladies using their talents to help provide wealth for their families and communities. And it's so cute!!


  1. Such a sweetie! I hate shot days and the couple days following. I'm glad he did so well though!

  2. Adorable! And where did you get that animal book from Africa? I'd love to get one too.

    1. Charisse - I'm not sure exactly where it came from. My Aunt Louise gave it to me as a gift and she was just telling me about it. I'm sure I could ask her :)

  3. How fun! He's such a cutie!! I think shots are worse on mom than the babies getting them! But sounds like he did great!

  4. I have to say....that photo of Charlie sleeping looks just like you at that age!! It brought tears to my eyes and a flutter to my heart! Love you bunches, Mom