Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Anniversary #4!

My how time flies! I can't believe I've been married for 4 years already. But in some ways I can. For example, I just can't quite remember life before marriage. I mean, I know it happened, but it's that moment where you look back on your "past life" and it feels like you are just watching a movie. You can't quite wrap your mind around the fact that you actually lived that life, more like you're just watching someone else. Maybe I'm crazy and no one else feels that way, but that's how it feels for me.

But anyway! Anniversaries are very different when you have a little one. A lot more planning is involved. But, luckily, we have T's parents who live really close and they offered to watch Charlie on Saturday night May 5th while we went out.

But first! Our anniversary day was on Thursday, May 3rd, 2012. T worked in the office ALL day (from before I woke up until about 11pm), but he was sweet enough to find time to come home for lunch! :) So that was really nice. An hour or so after he went back to work, the doorbell rang (this was before I put up my ghetto doorbell note [see previous post]...) and there was a flower delivery for me! WHAT A SWEET HUSBAND! I loved the flowers - a combination of light green hydrangias (like we had at our wedding) and coral roses. So different and lovely. Here's a picture:
The rest of our actual anniversary was spend running errands, tending to Charlie, and trying to do laundry and realizing that our washer was broken. Blah. It was definitely just a normal day, but I knew I had Saturday to look forward to!

Finally Saturday night came, and after an hour trip as a family to T's work BBQ at 4pm, we came home and got ready to go out. I was SO excited. Don't get me wrong... I love being a Mom, but the prospect of having a night out and someone else putting Charlie to bed is like a dream come true every once in a while!

It was a little chilly outside with the wind, so we donned our jackets and headed out for our date. We hadn't really decided what we wanted to do, but we knew we wanted "putt putt" to be involved somehow. So we started heading over to Cascade golf course to play a round. On the way, we spontaneously decided to get some GIANT gas station sodas as a treat. And I got crunchy Cheetos too. Oh yum. Totally reminds me of middle school for some reason. I felt like a little kid in a candy shop. It's not every day I just treat myself to soda and Cheetos :)

Mini golf was a blast! It wasn't very busy, so we played each hole twice while we were at the hole and combined the score to make it more competitive. My talented mini-golfing husband KILLED me so bad that we had to start over scoring on the second half so I would care again :)

Afterward, we decided to go down the street to the Riverwoods shopping center to get some sushi and dessert at Happy Sumo. Before going in, I begged T to let me look around the fairly new Provo Beach Resort since I'd never been in it. Once again, I felt like such a kid! This place was awesome!!!! It had an arcade, ropes course, mini croquet course (what!?!? so cool!), bowling alley, surf wave pool, spa, and MORE! While we didn't participate because it was starting to get late, we decided we'd definitely come back one day soon and partake in the awesomeness! On the way out, by the surf shop, they have this little photo op, and I begged T to take a picture of me, and somehow convinced him to get up there too :)
Thanks for playing along, sweet hubby! The sushi at Happy Sumo was excellent, as usual (although a bit overpriced in our opinion). To top off the night, we got a sweet surprise: the MOUNT FUJI chocolate cake was BACK!!! A few years ago, shortly after we got married, they took this amazing dessert off their menu and replaced it with a sub-par fluffy chocolate cake. We were so devastated. We used to frequent Happy Sumo for the Mount Fuji ALL THE TIME when we were dating... so it felt like a little part of us died that day. (Ok, ok, maybe I'm exaggerating, but it was awful!). So, how appropriate that we rediscovered our favorite dessert to share in the whole world on our anniversary! Ooohh it was amazing. It's a little round morsel of thick, dense, warm chocolate wonderfulness, oozing in the middle. MMmmm heaven!

So, despite the fact that our date wasn't necessarily extravangant, it was SO fun! We both decided that we fully enjoyed how it wasn't planned down to the minute, so we could take time to just enjoy the journey. Maybe life is trying to tell us something ;)

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  1. Jumbo drinks, Cheetos and the Mount Fuji! Sounds like a perfect anniversary :)