Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jolley's Ranch

Last week, we had a very fun-filled, busy 4th of July week. Seriously. We celebrated ALL week long, and wore ourselves out :) T's sister Mical and her family came to town so we jam packed our week with fun so all of the cousins could play and the adults could visit. So, the next few posts are dedicated to our festivities last week. I hope you enjoy!

On Tuesday, July 3rd, we went to Jolley's Ranch up Hobble Creek Canyon in Springville to do our 3rd annual afternoon in the park and Home Run Derby (sorry, no pics of that this year... oops!).

Here's a better picture of my poor beat up child after he pulled a kitchen chair over on his face. See how swollen he was? It was so sad! Now, a week later, he's almost 100% healed, just still a greenish-yellow tint of a bruise under his right eye. Also, in this picture you can see how he had his second bottom tooth on it's way in. Teething and bruised, double whammy! Thank goodness for Tylenol !!
I tried to get pics of most everyone who was there (I missed myself and a couple of the little ones). Clockwise from the top left: Steve talking with T and Charlie, stud-muffin Ryan, gorgeous Mical, and Grandma Jill walking in front of Maddi, Trent, and Caden with a very tiny Kanyon in the far background by the bridge over the creek.
Clockwise from top left: Trent found a snake and freaked everyone out. We're pretty sure it wasn't poisonous. Ha! Still freaky. ... Grandma Jill getting in some cuddle time with Charlie, who thoroughly enjoys chewing on keys. Meghan taking a photo of Cohen (picture of a picture being taken, how fun! I can't wait to see her amazing pics.) And lastly, Charlie's adorable shoes. I mean, for real. Look at those things!
Overall, it was a beautiful afternoon and evening. The weather was dry and perfect, getting a little chilly as the sun went down. We enjoyed sandwiches and good company. I love this tradition!!
Not pictured: Myself (I was behind the camera), Grandpa Russell (he was at home, sick with the flu, yuck!), Troy (had other plans), Scarlett and Kelan (probably running around or playing on the playground), Callie and Cole (also running and playing). 

Also, I'd like to add the beautiful pictures that Meghan took of Charlie, just so I can have them here in my "journal", so-to-speak:

Sweetest boy. 

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