Monday, July 16, 2012

Hogle Zoo - 7/6/12

Continuing our holiday week extravaganza, we decided to join Charlie's cousins for a morning at the zoo. I was unsure if we'd make it since Charlie had come down with a fever the day before, probably having caught the bug that his Grandpa Russell had. But he seemed relatively normal on Friday morning so we decided to travel up to SLC to Utah's Hogle Zoo. It was the first time for both of us! I was so excited. We got there in time to get on the first train ride of the day.
Mical and Cole deep in conversation, with Scarlett and Callie in the background, waiting for the train to start.
Shortly into the train ride, Charlie started fussing, which is very unlike him... so I began to worry a bit. It didn't take too long to realize that he just wasn't feeling 100%. By the time we got home that evening, he was back to lying on the floor from a fever. I felt awful about taking him to the zoo on such a hot day when he didn't feel well. :( We will have to go back sometime soon so he can maybe enjoy it a little more.

But anyway... I got lots of pictures of the animals. They are all so pretty, although I'm sad we missed the giraffes (my fav!). Honestly, I felt a little bad for the animals living in the zoo. I know they are well taken care of, but I still couldn't help but feel bad that they weren't roaming free in their native habitats. However, it is nice to get to see animals that you wouldn't normally get to see in your lifetime, and so I decided to enjoy the zoo experience :)

We saw an elephant family,
Many species of monkeys,
Bald eagles,
Sea lions swimming right by us,
The new polar bear eating and doing flips in the water,
Brown bears cooling off,
And tigers (so beautiful!!).
Shortly past the tigers, my poor sick boy finally passed out for a nap.
So he missed the oh-so-not-exciting camels. Haha!
And then some kids yelled and he woke up within 10 minutes. Ugh. In this picture you can tell he's trying to smile through his discomfort. My little trooper.
Charlie waiting as patiently as he could while I watched and took pictures of some of his cousins on the carousel. (We would have gone on it, but I knew it just wasn't worth it this time.) From L to R: Maddi, Cole, and Scarlett:
Next we were off to our last stop, the small animals building, where we saw cute little owls (another one of my FAVORITE animals!!),
Some more small monkeys and primates,
Sleeping bats,
Exotic birds,
And lots of reptiles and snakes. Here are Charlie and Scarlett taking a peek at this large boa:
So glad it was behind glass! Although it does have a sort of grace and elegance about it... don't you think?
Finally, here is the Instagram collage I put together from our trip. You can totally see here that Charlie isn't feeling like his normal self:
It was a fun experience. We hope to go back one day... maybe not this summer, but soon. When Charlie's a little older and T will have time to go with us! <3

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