Sunday, January 27, 2013

Charlie at 15 Months

Even though I don't plan on doing this monthly, I definitely want to do periodic updates (maybe every 3 months or so) to document the growth and changes my little boy is going through these days!
His most recent stats at about 15 months were 30" tall and 20.5 lbs.

Poor thing has been really sick lately. He has had a cold which developed into a cough which developed into RSV and a double ear infection for a couple weeks now. In fact, on his 15 month "birthday" was the first day he ever threw up. We were in the car on the way back from helping our friends, the Bucks, move to Lehi. I started to try to feed him dinner and that combined with all the mucus and phlegm in his throat caused him to throw up for the first time. It was SO sad :( This has also been his first bout of ear infections too. Poor, poor baby. Here's hoping we'll be better soon! He's such a trooper and still tries to be happy even though he feels so bad.
Here are a couple things about Charlie these days:
  • Has learned to say the word "duck" pretty clearly. He has no idea what it means, but he really likes to say it, and most of the time it almost sounds like "guck". But he makes a perfect "k" sound! I'm really impressed! :) 
  • Also says "Heeeeeeeeeyyy" (in a tone as if you are confused/offended haha), uh oh, baba, mama, and "Cawww" every time he sees his little eagle stuffed animal we named Rosco. 
  • Size 4 diapers, size 5 at night time. 
  • Size 12-18 month clothes, barely fits in size 12mo anymore, and is working his way into size 18mo.
  • Understands when I ask him where his drink is, or where his stuffed animals are. He'll look around to try to find them. 
  • Favorite things are books, stuffed animals (especially his eagle Rosco), pulling my hair dryer and curling irons out of the drawer, throwing things onto the tile to hear them make fun noises, all things jewelry, eating any food (but his favorties are sweet things), going places (he gets really excited and squeals every time we walk into a store or the gym or something haha), being in his crib, and being with his Daddy. 
  • Is an excellent walker. He can basically run (walks very fast) and knows how to walk backwards if he's holding onto a push toy and pulling it backwards. 
  • I still rock him with a bottle every night before bed. I can't let go of the fact that he's not going to be a little baby much longer. 
  • Takes one nap per day, usually about 2 hours, from around 12 noon until 2pm. 
  • Two bottles per day, 6 oz each, one the morning around 10:30am (after breakfast) and one at bedtime (around 7:30pm).
  • Has developed pretty frustrating constipation issues, which I think stem from drinking whole cow's milk and the amount of solid foods he eats now. So, we give him about a third of a capful of Miralax in his nighttime bottle to help him out. I also give him half soy milk and half cow's milk to help too. 
  • He is such a sweet boy. He doesn't hit or throw things much. Loves to laugh and smile and play. He's become more cuddly, too, and will give you a hug or a kiss if you ask him to. Also loves to give hugs to his stuffed animals. 
  • He's working on learning how to wave hello. He will do it if you wave his hand for him first to help him remember how to do it. 
  • We also are learning some basic sign language to help with his language development skills :) He doesn't do any of the signs yet, but I think he understands a couple.
  • His favorite game to play is to run away when we say "I'm gonna get you!!!" and start chasing him. He loves it!!

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