Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life As My Phone Sees It 4/18/12 - 4/25/12

I just love some of these photos from the last week. I just love April. You can tell the whole world is getting greener and, therefore, happier!

4/19 - This is my 100th Instagram photo! I just love my roly poly baby! He's constantly grabbing his little toes.
4/20 - First outing with Dad of the season to the golf course! We enjoyed a nice Friday evening as a family. T and I got to practice putting and chipping while Charlie made noises and chowed down on Mr. Buzz Bee :)
4/23 - Charlie loves to read, and his new favorite "book" is this squishy book full of pictures of him and his friends and family. It always makes him so happy. And yes, he uses both his hands and feet to read books, haha! You can also see him spitting and blowing bubbles in this picture:
4/23 - Later that day we went out for a walk (it was a toasty 83 degrees that day and sunny!). Charlie got to hold (and get a little taste of) his first dandelion. But don't worry, I got it from him before he could actually eat it. ;)
4/24 - Self portrait of Mama and baby. Charlie was very fascinated with my wavy/curly hair that day.
4/24 - Got a lovely surprise on the label of a package I received! Wow! Haha... I guess I wasn't clear enough on the phone when I said "Shipp with two P's"... Just wow! This is the downside to having such an awesome last name! And this is also why I usually say "Shipp like a boat" or "two P's as in Paul". But hey - I've had the last name for almost 4 years and this is the first time something like this has happened, so I'd say we're doing pretty good!
Have a great week! <3 Post to come very soon about Charlie turning 6 MONTHS OLD today!!

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