Friday, August 23, 2013

Salem Pond

A couple days before the 4th of July, we went and hung out at Salem Pond for Troy's birthday. It was a lot of fun to watch Charlie actually get to interact and play with his cousins and eat his weight in watermelon and chocolate chip cookies.

Meanwhile, the adults enjoyed a bit of good food and conversation... except for me because I was constantly watching and chasing Charlie!

I love this one of Meg and her little Scarlett from behind :)
The men flaunting their manliness with a "leisurely" game of toss. Or throw as hard as you can to make the other person drop the catch. Whichever one. ;)
Near the end of the day, Uncle Trent and Grandma Jill took the two littlest grandkids down the path to the other side of the pond where the ducks were swimming. Even though this pic is a little blurry, I love it <3
Happy Birthday, Troy, you handsome devil! ;)

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