Friday, August 23, 2013

Fourth of July Festivities

Since I got really busy editing photos for the Kimball family right after the 4th, I got pretty behind in editing, organizing, and posting photos of the recent happenings in my own life! Here's my attempt to catch up a little. 

On the 4th we made our traditional trek to Heber City for a family reunion with Trev's Mom's side of the family. Complete with hamburgers and other delicious foods, frisbee throwing, candy tossing, and loved ones, the day did not disappoint! We were sad to miss seeing Mical since she was rushing Caden to urgent care after a little rough play on the water slide caused an ankle injury. I quickly decided that we would wait until next year for Charlie to play on the water slide... :)
He loved collecting candy with all of his cousins. Although I don't think he understood how much he wanted to actually collect the candy until he ate some and remembered what it actually was. 
Studying a tootsie roll very seriously... haha!
Later that night we drove down to Springville to Meg's house as we do every year to watch fireworks! It was a lot of fun, but we again had a large aerial firework mishap!! The first one we shot off turned on its side and started shooting flares everywhere, including directly towards us! The minute I realized what happened I ducked down and covered my head. Fortunately, Trev was sitting near me and Charlie so he knocked Charlie low to the ground to protect him and then picked him up and ran him in the house to help him calm down from the scare. (This is a starkly different reaction than a similar incident two years prior when I was pregnant, when Trev was caught using one of his nephews as a human shield... hahaha! Since having a kid, Trev's "fatherly instincts" have, thankfully, kicked in.)
Other than the one incident, Charlie rather enjoyed watching all the fireworks we shot off. He had a pretty stern expression, but never cried or got scared. Sweet, brave boy!
Very similar to last year, Charlie fell asleep in his Daddy's arms, exhausted from a fun-filled day!
And I ended up using more stain remover in one load of Charlie's laundry than I have in all other loads combined. That kid really made the best of his holiday! :)

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