Monday, November 12, 2012

Ward Trunk Or Treat

So my posts are a little out of chronological order, but I wanted to do it this way so all the Halloween festivities were all lumped together! :) Our ward had their annual Trunk or Treat party on Friday, October 26th. That was the day before Charlie's birthday party, to give you some perspective. It was complete madness planning for a birthday party AND planning to decorate the trunk for the ward party! But, in the end, it was all totally worth it!

The weather at the trunk or treat was, in my opinion, just perfect Halloween weather: A bit cold, just enough to nip you in the nose, but not enough that your other extremities become frostbitten and you wish you were dead... or in the Sahara desert. ;)

My wonderful Mom took over the camera so I could enjoy the evening with my family. First, we had a chili/soup dinner inside the church and everyone who dressed up paraded across the stage:
 I was a princess (or damsel in distress, etc) with my protective (and adorable!) guard dragon:
After dinner wrapped up, the fun commenced out at the trunks! I was so excited to pass out candy to the kids while Trev took Charlie from car to car to collect candy. It seriously was the most fun I've had in a while... the kind of fun that makes you feel like a kid again! I'd comment on all their costumes and refuse to give them candy unless they said "Trick or Treat". I know... I'm totally awesome! ;)
Charlie stopped by our trunk and dug some candy out of the bucket! Don't worry... I didn't make HIM say "Trick or Treat" since he can't speak yet! :P I just love this cute candid family photo:
I know some of these pictures are pretty psychedelic. Trying to take pictures at night with no flash results in crazy lighting and blurs and streaks... but you know what? I actually LOVE them! Especially this one of my little man learning first-hand about the joys of candy:
But we did, in the end, want a crisp shot so I turned on the flash. I don't always love the harsh flash look, but that's just what you're gonna get when you want to take pictures at night. I love this next picture because little Charlie looks SO much like me when I was a baby! Such a sweet, fat-cheeked expression on his face!
And finally, a good full-family photo that shows off our awesomely decorated trunk (spiders and pumpkins and a little glowing ghost - oh my!). It also shows our full Halloween theme. Remember how I'm a princess and Charlie's a dragon? Well... Trev is my knight in shining armor coming to rescue me! :D <3
More Halloween photos yet to come!! Stay tuned! :)

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