Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Life As My Phone Sees It 10/23/12 - 11/14/12

Here's one last big post of pictures... some of it will be a bit of a repeat of the things we've been doing, but I just love my Instagram photos! :)

10/25 - Happy 1st Birthday to my Charlie!! For his birthday, God sent a small flurry of snow!
10/26 - This awesome, personalized little chair from Pottery Barn Kids was Charlie's birthday gift from my parents! LOVE it!
10/27 - Charlie's birthday party festivities! He partied hard with Curious George! And here are the cupcakes I made!
10/28 - Charlie discovered his new friend - Mr. Ghost. He was totally fascinated by its changing color glow!
10/30 - We voted early! Go Mitt Romney! Too bad he lost to Obama the next week :(
10/31 - Happy Halloween! Yummy candy!
11/1 - Charlie's 1 year appointment at the doctor. Looking like such a big boy sitting in the chair. This was before the mean nurse gave him 5 shots! :O
11/2 - One of Charlie's new favorite activities: Opening up all the drawers and pulling out what's inside. THIS is what he found that day.... ugh!!
11/4 - Sweet boy fell asleep in my arms. Daylight savings changes are rough on little ones!
11/6 - (Election Day) - While waiting for the presidential news later that day, we took a family outing to Cherry Hill park! It was a BEAUTIFUL fall day!!
11/9 - Second snowstorm of the year, and this was a BIG one! It snowed all day long that Friday and it still hasn't all melted yet! We got maybe 6-7 inches! And here's Charlie looking out the window thinking, "Holy Cow... That's a LOT of snow!":
11/9 - Despite the snowy weather, Trevor and I made a point to go on our date that night to the temple. Afterward we went to Five Star BBQ for some delicious eats! Mmmm!
11/14 - Good morning! I love that I get to wake up to this sweet boy every day! :)
Can't wait for thanksgiving festivities! :) Enjoying the cooler weather and listening to Christmas music today! Already!?! Well, okay! ;)

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