Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy (Third) and Fourth of July!

Trevor and I had a lot of fun this year celebrating Independence Day with his family. On Saturday the 3rd, he went to play golf in the morning while I spent a few hours at the pool with some friends. Then, later in the afternoon, we went to his family reunion in Heber City at the park. It's always a really fun time, and this year the weather was perfect! All my cute nieces and nephews were there. I only have pictures of a couple of them. Most of the girls got their faces painted. Here's Callie looking so cute as usual: And my cute little buddy, Cohen:
My uncle-in-law, Shane, had made a candy gun so he could shoot candy at the kids at the reunion. In this picture, you can see the end of the pipe of the gun, the kids, and if you look really hard over by the gun, you can see the smoke and the candy where I caught it shooting in mid-air. It was so fun because the candy would rain down on the kids' heads!
Collecting the candy:
I had a lot of fun going out in the field with Cohen to help him try to collect his candy. Whenever he'd find a piece, he'd pick it up and then try chewing on it. I bet the wrappers didn't taste very good! I finally taught him to put the candy in the paper sack that was provided. Here's Cohen with his daddy Steve:
After the candy collecting, all the kids put on bathing suits and participated in the forming tradition of having water balloon fights. This year, Trevor got involved and got his butt kicked by Caden and Kanyon! Haha. I haven't seen Trevor smile that big and have that much fun in a long time!

On the way home, we drove back through the canyon and it was just gorgeous how green it was! Almost like we weren't even in Utah!
I have to take a car shot of myself at least once every six months ;)
That night, we went to Meg and Steve's house to do fireworks. We had a couple small illegals, including firecrackers (who knew they were illegal??) and a cop came and took them :(. Oh well. It was still really fun. And then after the kids were in bed, we watched some UFC fights on TV that Steve had ordered and recorded. So fun!
On Sunday, I conducted my choir at church and we sang a really pretty rendition of "America the Beautiful". After church, we went back to Meg and Steve's for a barbecue (aka grilled steak and chicken yum!) and just hung out with the family for a few more hours. It was a really great way to enjoy the holiday.

My red, white, and blue outfit:
Happy Fourth of July!! I hope yours was as fun as mine!


  1. Haha Alex! We got busted by the cops here too! There were 6 of us Mormons and 2 cops, but they were super nice and didn't take them! Looks like a fun weekend.

  2. sounds like a great holiday! i feel like we haven't seen you guys in forever and it feels like you been slackin on the blog haha. miss you guys!

  3. I love your new bangs! they're so cute :)