Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ashlie's Baby Shower

Last Thursday, April 9th, I went to my friend Ashlie (Jensen) Heiner's baby shower! I know Ashlie from DT during our first year here at BYU. Her shower was put on by Burgundy (Flammer) Heiner, also a friend I met on the same floor at DT, and Shea Heiner (Ashlie's sister-in-law)! Ashlie and Burgundy married Ryan and Trevor Heiner who are brothers! Small world huh? And I hope that wasn't too confusing haha.Anyway, Ashlie's shower was so much fun and was so cute thanks to Burgundy and Shea! Since Ashlie is having a little girl, I bought her a cute little pink BYU blanket and pink onesie that says "You're lookin' at one CUTE Cougar!". You cant tell that they are pink in the picture, but they are! :) This next picture was the "cake" made of diapers! SUCH a cute idea!
The party had a delicious soup bar (I think I had three bowls of soup!) and it also had a guessing game where there were items in brown paper bags labeled with one letter. All the bags spelled out "B A B Y S H O W E R". So the object was to guess what was in each of the bags and the only hint you got was that the letter on the bag was the letter that the object started with (AND the fact that it could fit in a lunch-sized paper bag). Then Ashlie got to open all the bags and whoever guessed the most correctly won! And guess who won!? ME :) I guess I'm lucky- or a good guesser! Anyway, I got a cute little flowerpot with lotions and sprays of my favorite scent (Coconut Lime Verbena). Since I never win anything, I was pretty excited!!
This last picture is Ashlie with a couple other shower guests. We had such a fun time chatting. In fact, I got there a little after 7 and didn't leave until 11!!! Whoops! Everyone else was gone around 9, but Ashlie and her friend Nikki and I just kept talking forever and it was wonderful! I'm sure our husbands were wondering where we were! Oh well... sometimes girls just need to talk their heads off. It's nice, you know? :)

Thanks for such a fun time Ashlie! I love you girl!

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  1. Hey, my hubby thought I was at enrichment last night--I was really at girls night out (don't know how he got confused really)--left at 8 didn't get back until 11. He thought it must have been a really inspiring enrichment. Yeah, you know, we watched a movie ;)