Friday, March 7, 2014

Happenings in January

After we flew back from our NC trip, we tried to stay busy through my least favorite month of the year: January. It's so cold, snowy, dark, and holiday-less that it can be hard to feel inspired to get off the couch and do much of anything, especially with me being pregnant. But, we did accomplish some things!

Charlie was the cutest date ever on our trip to the brand new Wendy's that opened in Saratoga Springs. I also had a full day to myself to go shopping for pregnancy clothes and home decor. I love how these living room shelves turned out! (Pictures have since been added to the frames).
We may or may not have gotten desperate enough that we went to the park when there was snow on the ground:
Daddy entertained Charlie with his block juggling skills:
I worried about an early onset of heartburn after getting it pretty bad one afternoon, but thankfully it hasn't been happening too often yet! Charlie and I also took at trip to Jump On It (a trampoline place that's free for little kids!!) with friends Jenny, Henry, and Amy.
We took Charlie to see his first ever movie in the theater! We saw Frozen. He did pretty well through the whole movie, especially considering it was almost nap time by the time we left. He loved munching on popcorn, and had a bit of a hard time sitting in the seat because he didn't weigh quite enough to keep the seat all the way down and his feet would stick up high. We had to hold him on our laps about halfway into it because he was getting uncomfortable. It reminded me of memories of feeling the same way when I was little... those movie theater chairs are annoying! ;)
We also grilled shrimp for the first time. It was actually my first time ever preparing shrimp at all! Fortunately I didn't have to de-vein them, but I did have to take off the shells and create a marinade, which was pretty labor-intensive.
We spent a lot of time eating food. Charlie had his first experience with Pez and he LOVED it:
And I did take him outside once while it was snowing (and not too cold) to play in the snow. He's not a big fan of falling in it or touching it, and it's really hard to keep his gloves on, but he sure looks cute out there! :) We I even built a tiny snowman, but he wasn't really interested in that yet, either. Haha. He mostly liked trying to chat with the neighbor kids walking home from the bus stop, and barking back at the dogs across the street.

Thank goodness January went by pretty quickly! I always look forward to February with great anticipation! :)

2013 Revisited

Off the top of my head, here are the things that most stuck out about our year in 2013:

  • Trevor worked as an online business and marketing consultant all year, and I spent time every week helping to design websites for his clients. 
  • I went to the gym almost daily in January and it was really nice to be so active.
  • Because of my gym-going, Charlie was pretty sick for 3 weeks of January. Poor kiddo had RSV, bronchiolitis, and a double ear infection all back to back. 
  • We moved into our new house in Eagle Mountain!
  • My parents and brother visited for Easter, and we had a fabulous time celebrating, including letting Charlie have his first mini egg hunt in our front yard.
  • Trevor and I took an overnight trip to Park City for our 5th wedding anniversary - and that was the first time we left Charlie overnight with someone (Trev's parents).
  • Charlie turned 18 months old and got to go into nursery! Woo hoo!
  • I travelled to California to be a bridesmaid in Chris (Kyle) Peterson's wedding. So fun!
  • Trev and I played quite a few rounds of golf together, and I didn't improve much. :P
  • I was called into young women's and a week later I got to go to girl's camp for a couple days.
  • Charlie and I spent a lot of time at the neighborhood pool to cool off in the summer.
  • Our good friends, the Kimballs, moved across the country to Philadelphia and it still makes me really sad to think about it. 
  • I had my 26th birthday. Trevor turned 29!
  • Charlie and I went to North Carolina in August for a week and it was Charlie's second official trip to the beach. 
  • Trent received his mission call and left on his mission to Mexico.
  • Mical got married to Jeremy in Springville, and I got to help set up for the wedding. It rained like crazy right before everything started, but it all still turned out beautifully!
  • Our little family took our first ever road trip and vacation to California. We visited Las Vegas on the way, spent two days at Disneyland, and also hit up some beaches and the San Diego zoo. 
  • I got pregnant with Baby #2 while on vacation. :D
  • Charlie had his 2nd birthday with a really awesome Mickey Mouse party!
  • We got to see my brother and his girlfriend at Halloween, and Charlie went trick or treating as a ninja.
  • Thanksgiving was spent with Trevor's family, and we ate Thanksgiving dinner at his parents' house. So yummy!
  • Found out that the gender of Baby #2 is a GIRL!
  • We spent Christmas Eve at Trevor's parents' house, Christmas morning in our own house, and the rest of the Christmas season in North Carolina! And New Year's Eve, too.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Carolina Christmas

Our flight to North Carolina on Christmas day evening went really well! We had a direct, non-stop flight from Salt Lake to Raleigh and it was glorious! With enough snacks and the saving grace of the iPad, Charlie did wonderfully. We arrived in NC around 11pm or so and drove back to my parents' house so Charlie could go to bed after saying hi to everyone. A couple hours later, Trevor and I went to bed too (around 2am EST). Unfortunately, only about an hour or so after that, Charlie woke up crying, so I gave him some Tylenol and helped him fall back asleep. That only lasted for 45 minutes. From about 4:30am on, he was up crying because he was in pain and he was SO tired and just wanted to sleep but he couldn't because his ear was hurting him. He had been getting over a week-long cold that had finally subsided, but flying on the airplane caused fluids to get into his ear canals and he got an ear infection. It was SO sad and hard not being able to do anything to help him until the doctor's office opened at 8am. It was also so hard not to get any sleep after all that traveling. We went to a local instacare when it opened and got the beloved prescription for some antibiotics. Poor Charlie was so tired, he finally passed out in Trevor's arms while waiting for the doctor, just to be awoken minutes later when the doctor came in.

This picture shows the difference between my happy boy on Christmas morning, and my tired, sick boy just 24 hours later. Quite a big change in such a short time. :(
Over the next week, he was on a regimen of Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Zyrtec, and antibiotics to help with the pain, bacteria, and fluids. At least he was feeling back to his normal self within a day of getting the drugs!

Sometime the next day, we got to open our presents. Charlie wasn't too interested in the actual opening part (still!), but he did enjoy the gifts he got, especially the Mickey Mouse figurines from Uncle Mike!
Later in the week, after extended family from my Mom's side arrived in town, a few of us - me, Trev, Uncle Don, Caroline, and Margaret - decided to go to the local UNC basketball game! (We would have gone to Duke, but it's about 10x more expensive!). This was our view from our seats in the upper stands. The game was an easy one for Carolina to win, so it wasn't super interesting, but it was still fun to have the experience!
Trevor was pretty excited to see Michael Jordan's  jersey hanging from the rafters!
And we also were the LAST ones in line to get a picture with UNC's mascot, Ramses! (Darn it, I'm half blinking!)
After the game, we drove around campus for a minute and Trev and I got a couple pictures snapped at the old well on campus. Tourism at its finest. ;)
Other Christmas activities included roasting hot dogs and s'mores over a backyard bonfire, singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and eating cake, eating lots of delicious fresh mex food made by my Dad, and playing lots of games of nertz!
The weather was also pretty nice while we were there, especially compared to frigid, snowy Utah, so we spent a couple hours one day at Pullen Park, letting Charlie play on the playground and ride the carousel and choo-choo train! He really just loved it all, even though he was very ready for a nap when we were done! :)
At some point during the trip we went to Albemarle for a day to visit Nana and Granddaddy and my Dad's side of the family. I really can't remember what part of the trip it happened in. We did so much in just 8 days that it's all a bit of a blur when I try to pull it up from memory! Charlie loved seeing Nana and getting to play with all of her toys.

For New Year's Eve, we (Me, my Mom, my Dad, Mike and Trevor) rang in 2014 rather low-key by watching the Texas A&M vs Duke football game, where Duke lost, sadly, but just barely at the end. And then we watched the ball drop on the big screen TV in my parent's basement while sipping some sparkling cider. We are party animals!

We also visited the Marble's Children's Museum one rainy afternoon for a couple hours. I'm pretty sure Trevor liked it as much as Charlie did! Haha :)
The flight back home also went very well, and fortunately it didn't cause Charlie's ears to start hurting again (thank you Zyrtec and antibiotics!!). Here's Charlie looking so grown up in his OWN seat on the plane:
We had so much fun that it took me a few days to get enough energy to get back to normal life! Sometimes you need a vacation after your vacation, and here's me the next day after getting home in my sweats and no makeup to prove it! :)
Merry Christmas (and New Year's) 2013!