Monday, June 3, 2013

Life As My Phone Sees It 4/16/13 - 6/2/13

I've been a very, very BAD blogger lately! Maybe I'm just a little tired of blogging? Maybe I'm just having a lot of fun lately and haven't found time? Who knows the true reason for my lack of blogging... but when I remembered that my blog is effectively my journal, I realized I might need to keep up on it just a little bit more often than monthly! :)

Here's a catch-up of our lives over the last month and a half in pictures...

Thurs 4/18 - Charlie fell asleep watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Cutest boy ever!
Sun 4/21 - Charlie's first official day in nursery at church (they let him go a week early because I asked since Trev couldn't come to church that day!). He didn't even look back... and definitely didn't cry! He was so happy to go right in and play with the blocks. I was a very happy mom that day!!
Sun 4/21 - It's a miracle! All three of my zucchini seeds that I planted at a recent Relief Society activity gave sprouts! Considering the little container got knocked over so many times... I was pretty shocked :)
Mon 4/22 - We went to a fun place called Planet Play with Jana and her two boys! (It's kind of like Chuck-E-Cheese's). Charlie enjoyed riding around on the mini carousel they had in the little kid section... even though he looks petrified in the picture... he was having lots of fun!
Tues 4/23 - I actually took a picture of myself! *Gasp!* I was trying out a headband that day.
Thurs 4/25 - We stopped by the Lehi Expo and Charlie got to peek inside a real life firetruck!
Sat 4/27 - First time mowing our lawn!! I love catching Trev doing "manly" things like purchasing and assembling a new lawn mower. It makes me a very happy wife!
Mon 4/29 - Another selfie! I know... I'm on a roll! I was trying out a side braid with my hair and got that cute new shirt from J.Crew Factory for only $10!! Score!
Sat 5/4 - We've seen this picture before - it was the one Instagram I took over our anniversary weekend trip to Park City! Yummy burger and fries at the Main Street Deli.
Wed 5/8 - First picture taken with my brand new iPhone5! There was a radiant sunset over the west mountains as I was heading over to Heidi's house to do yoga that night :)
Thurs 5/9 - Say, Charlie, what are you doing in my suitcase!? This kid loves to climb in and out of my luggage!
Sun 5/12 - Mother's Day! It wasn't the best day ever... Trev woke up and made me pancakes for breakfast, but then after that he spent the whole day feeling sick and exhausted. We thought it may have been heat exhaustion from playing golf and getting sunburned the day before. So, I took Charlie to church by myself, did all my regular motherly duties while also taking care of a sick hubby, and I made my own pot roast dinner! Nothing says Mother's Day like doing motherly duties all day. ;)
Sun 5/12 - Mother's Day (again) - Regardless of having a less-than-perfect day, I still felt so blessed to be this sweet boy's Mama! <3
Sun 5/12 - Three weeks later and the zucchini plants were making great progress!
Mon 5/13 - Mmmm! Charlie at an ice cream cone from Thanksgiving Point all by himself! And he loved every second of it!
Sat 5/18 - Who took my baby away and left me with a toddler!?!? Can't believe how big he's getting. I snapped this gem with my Canon while trying to get a photo of him for the nursery leaders at church.
Tues 5/21 - I love having beautiful springtime flowers on my front porch! Planting flowers is one of the things I look forward to most when the weather finally gets warm!
Wed 5/22 - I was SO excited when they were able to deliver my new dining table only 3 weeks after ordering it!! Such a beautiful piece of furniture from Bassett. I spent a very long time deciding exactly what I wanted, and I think it adds so much beauty to my dining space! <3 <3 (Now I just need to get a rug and some curtains haha)
Thurs 5/23 - I flew into Long Beach airport in California for Chris Kyle's wedding! All that day I helped her set up for the reception, and then we got our nails done and enjoyed a yummy pre-wedding dinner with the groom's family and friends!
Fri 5/24 - Wedding Day!! Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Darren Peterson! They were married and sealed at the Newport Beach, CA temple.
Fri 5/24 - Me and the beautiful bride! <3 I'm so happy for her!
Sat 5/25 - Meanwhile, at home, Trev caught Charlie with his little nose in a comic book and sent me this picture. So cute! I have a feeling I'm raising a mini-Trevor! I was so grateful that my sweet husband was able to watch Charlie for the 2 1/2 days I was gone... and that everything went well! It was so nice to be able to get away and enjoy my weekend.
Mon 5/27 - Memorial Day! Trev didn't have work so we all went to Utah's Hogle Zoo! Despite the fact that 1/3 of the zoo was under construction, we had a lot of fun and saw plenty of (non-sleeping) animals. Haha. My favorite were the giraffes. Charlie particularly liked the meerkats; He giggled a lot when he saw them and even did the sign for "more"! Haha :)
Wed 5/29 - The entry way in my home is my current project! I love my new console table and decor (especially the teal mirror from Home Goods!)... now I just need to find something to put on that bottom shelf!
Sat 6/1 - I went out golfing with Trev! It was a gorgeous day. My golf game started out surprisingly well, but quickly went downhill by hole 3. We played with a couple of guys we'd never met (maybe that made me nervous?), but it was still a lot of fun! I also enjoyed wearing my new teal and hot pink Nikes. You gotta look cute when you golf, right? Also, I'm so grateful to my neighbor Melissa for watching Charlie for a couple hours so we could go play!
Sun 6/2 - Made a yummy dinner of salmon, green beans, and roasted yellow cauliflower! Mmmm!
Yesterday (Sunday 6/2) wasn't the best day ever. We realized halfway through Sacrament Meeting that Charlie wasn't feeling well and might be running a fever. So, we went home after the first hour and then Trev went back to teach the young men during the third hour. Charlie slept a lot and picked at his food all day, poor thing. I hate when he doesn't feel well. Right at bedtime, just after trying to finish his bottle, he threw up all over the blankets he was wrapped in and I rushed him to the bath tub. Sigh. I hope it was a one-time thing! He slept well last night, but is still running a bit of a fever today. We'll just lay low and take it easy and hope for a speedy recovery!

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  1. Thanks for the post. We appreciate you all allowing us into your lives for a few minutes. We are so happy for you all and your life in the new home. Stay safe and give thanks everyday for life's abundance!