Sunday, December 2, 2012

Reminiscing & Resolving...

Sometimes I just can't believe things. Like when I realize I'm 25 years old. That means that 10 years ago I was 15, and I remember when I was 15 thinking I was all grown up and ruler of the world. My how things have changed. The more I've learned about life, the more insignificant I've felt. I'm just grateful to know that the most important thing I can accomplish in my life is to positively affect those I know in my small sphere of influence. For me, these are people in my family, my friends, and my close neighbors. It all starts there: A smile one day, a hug the next, words of love and encouragement. I have to give thanks to my wonderful brother for helping me realize what I want my next life goal to be: I want to say "I like you" more often to people who I enjoy being around. Sounds easy, right? Well, much easier said than done. But really, I'm going to do it. More hugs. More laughter. More friends! And who doesn't want more friends? :)

Anyway, I just got to thinking tonight about what I've accomplished in the last 10 years, about those things in my life which have changed. It's been eventful to say the least: I graduated high school, went to college, got married, graduated from college, had 5 or so jobs, certified to be a yoga instructor, and had a baby! It seems like there won't be as many large life events in the next 10 years, so it gets me thinking about what I'm going to choose to do with my time? House buying will happen. More babies, probably, too. But what else? I'm just not sure what my niche is outside of motherhood at the moment. I'm such a dabbler in everything, plus I find I'm a terrible goal-maker and a much worse goal-achiever. This combination could result in a lot of wasted time and energy. So perhaps this coming year, 2013, I'll actually attempt to make some New Years' resolutions. In the past I've been wont to just never even try, because I knew I'd never accomplish my resolutions for longer than a day or two. It was almost laughable thinking about myself attempting to stick with something like that. But I'm feeling different tonight. Hopefully this desire to change and improve sticks around for a little while! Wish me luck.

Future goals? Go to bed earlier. Wake up earlier. Exercise much, much more. Read my scriptures more consistently. Keep my house clean. Oh.... and say "I Like You" on a much more frequent basis! :)

Good night!


  1. I hear ya. I used to be a TERRIBLE goal achiever, too. I never had much patience for step by step things. And I had a hard time consistently reading my scriptures until a couple of years ago. But the more consistent I became, the more I LOVED reading the scriptures and kept wanting to lengthen how much I read each night. I had a goal to read the Bible from cover to cover and I started reading it over a year ago. I'm guessing that I won't be done until this summer, so it's definitely taking time. But instead of looking at how much I have to go, I get excited over how far I've come. One of the ways I could always convince myself to read my scriptures was by asking myself each night how I spent my time that day, and isn't it only fair that I devote 15-20 minutes to the Lord? Anyway, don't know if any of this will help. But know that there are others who struggle and have struggled, too! You're not alone! Good luck with your goals!

  2. Right there with you on a lot of this!!