Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

This Valentine's Day was #6 (wow!) for us, and #1 (of course) for Charlie. We played it pretty low-key this year, but it was just perfect. My parents also happened to be in town, so that was neat for me since it was probably the first Valentine's day in at least 6 years that I've seen them.

On Monday night (the 13th), T and I celebrated by going to Park City. We ate at Prime Steak House and Piano Bar off Main Street. Although, that night it was a guitar bar with live guitar music. We LOVED the food and I liked the buzz of the atmosphere. Valentine's is the one night of the year where we like to spend way too much time and money just enjoying a fancy dinner. My favorite menu item was probably the crab & lobster bisque. Oh man. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!! Here's a snapshot from their menu. See how good their food looks? And it tastes just as delicious! :)
Thanks so much to both T's parents and my own parents for watching Charlie that night so we could take our time and enjoy ourselves. It was lovely! Also, we were fortunate that the weather was much better this year! It was a little snowy on the way back, but nothing compared to how awful it was last year!

On Valentine's Day itself, my Dad flew back to NC and my hubby had to work, but my Mom, Charlie & I had a fun day hanging out at Costco and the mall. Later, we helped Charlie create a Valentine for his Daddy out of construction paper. What a sweet boy!
After T got home from work and my Mom had left for the night, we exchanged Valentine's gifts. I purchased him a new electric razor since his old one had gone *blah* and always pulled his hairs when he shaved. Ouch! He purchased me a 1 hour "body glow" massage from a studio called "Solase" here in Orem. Apparently you get exfoliated first, then massaged at the end. I'm SO excited to schedule an appointment and get that done! I'll let you know how it is!

I hope your Valentine's Day was fun and made you feel so very loved!

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