Sunday, May 31, 2009

Things to Update Upon

So I'm sitting here at about 11:30 pm on Sunday night waiting for laundry to finish. Yes. Laundry. Sigh. But it's a necessity so I just have to do it. I won't be to bed until well after midnight and I need to be up at 6:30 to get ready for work at 8... blah. So, I thought I'd kill time by updating my life since our anniversary at the beginning of the month. Here are some things that have happened:

1. I have started working full-time at the Buckle as a Team Lead. I am in the workings to become Assistant Manager and hopefully that will happen here in the next couple weeks. We just need to work on improving our store's sales (compared to other Buckles in the area) before it can happen. So come shop from me! :)

2. Trevor and I completed a 700 piece landscape/painting puzzle together in a matter of a few days. Piece here, piece there, and it was finished! :) It took up pretty much our entire tiny kitchen table. Here's the finished product:3. We both began reading Angels and Demons after I picked it up from the bookstore. The goal was to finish it by this weekend so we could see the movie. Well, since I have quite a bit more time, I finished it and Trevor was only about halfway through so we were going to wait to see the movie until next weekend. But, we were out at Chili's last night and he decided we should just go see it because he needed to save the 6 more hours of reading that lay ahead of him for more important things (like homework... which, by the way, he has a project due tomorrow morning and he just started it about an hour ago... uh oh). Long story short, we went to see the movie last night. It was a good movie, but I couldn't help but find myself cringing or grimacing as the director chose to completely change some important details about the book, add things in, and leave out details I thought were very interesting and pertinent to the story. One character in the book dies, but in the movie he is rescued and LIVES! Whaaa? Oh well, I've been lamenting for a while now and need to learn to get over it (or just not see movies that are based on books when I liked the book so much). Regardless, it was an ok movie and Trevor found it entertaining. I would have liked for him to finish the book and I told him he still should because it's a completely different story, but he says he probably won't. Oh well.

Now I've got to find my next summer read - Any Suggestions?

4. We are going on a CRUISE to Mexico on Royal Carribbean near the end of July! We're going with 3 other couples (YAY!) and I am so excited I've already started buying "cruise clothes" and I've made plans to get a bit tanner before then so I don't turn into a lobster. Pure white sand and crystal blue water? HERE I COME! Wahoo! :)

5. We've planted a veggie garden again this year - this time bigger and earlier so we'll get veggies before winter hits! I'm so excited and will be posting pictures soon. I would post them now, but I realized the ones I took are already outdated because the plants are growing so fast! So I'm hoping to do a "progressive" post to show the life of some of them from seedling to where they are now. That'll be fun, huh?

Well, the laundry is done. Gotta go grab it and fold it so I can get some shut-eye! ;)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our First Anniversary!

Trevor and I celebrated our ONE YEAR anniversary on Sunday May 3rd! We are so happy to have made it to this big first milestone in our marriage! :)

To celebrate, we decided to buy lower bowl tickets to the Jazz-Lakers Playoff Game #4. The game was a blast even though the Jazz lost by over 20 points! :( But it was still fun to be there together, cheer, take pictures, and eat yummy ice cream! Here are a couple pics I took:
Also to celebrate, we got an hour long couples' massage. Andrea, the lady who usually does my massages, was so sweet to grab a friend and help us celebrate. They decorated our room with rose petals and candles to set a romantic mood! It was a wonderful, relaxing experience.

Trevor and I also decided to attend the temple the day before our anniversary. It was wonderful to go back to the place where we were married a year ago (although we got married in Salt Lake and went to Provo this time, it was still a great remembrance of that beautiful day a year ago).

Finally, we went out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Shoga, and spent the rest of the night cuddling on the couch watching TV. I really couldn't have asked for a better celebration. I look forward to being married for the infinite years to come :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Graduation from BYU!

For your viewing enjoyment, here are some pictures from the two big days (April 23rd and 24th), as well as a photo shoot I did at a later date in front of the BYU sign with my mom and brother as photographers! :) Enjoy!
This is the best picture EVER:
My parents gave me an electric keyboard for graduation! I love it!:
Me and Melanie:
This WAS my school!:

Right after I walked, my two favorite men (my dad and my hubby) gave me these beautiful flowers! :)
Melanie and I had hot red shoes!:
It was very windy:
Me and Jenny:
My whole family!:
Me and my sweet hubby:
And, I had to show off my cute dress I got for graduation! I wore those red shoes with it as well as red earrings! :)
Hope you enjoyed some of the pics. There are soo many good ones it was hard to choose. Maybe I'll post more later if I'm feeling the urge. It feels wonderful to be graduated. It's quite liberating if I do say so myself! :)