Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Fourth of July 2014

For Independence Day this year, we kept with the tradition of doing the same things we've done in the past few years, except this time we had the addition of our almost 1-month-old! :)

I dressed my kids (I still can't believe I have two!) up in red-white-and-blue and attempted to get a picture. Newborns aren't the biggest fan of being set down, especially in an uncomfortable "seated" position on the sofa. Charlie wasn't much help, either, as he had no interest in holding her or being by her. At least he patiently held still long enough for me to snap a couple of photos. He was definitely thinking "Hey, Mom, can you move this wiggly crying thing away from me so I can continue watching TV in peace?"
That afternoon we met up with Trevor's family in Heber City and had some delicious food and good conversation. It was nice to get out of the house and do something adventurous. It was definitely interesting feeding little Delilah while sitting outside in the shade next to the wall of the pavilion (I didn't want to freak out any uncles, grandpas, or brothers-in-law just in case I didn't stay fully covered the whole time haha). I hadn't quite gotten the hang of feeding her covered yet, and I only had blankets for coverage. And, let's be honest, no one wants to eat under a stuffy blanket while it's already hot outside! :)
Later that evening, we travelled down to Jolley's Grove up Springville Canyon and ate some pizza and let the kids play at the park. Charlie had a lot of fun getting his energy out. This year, instead of doing fireworks at Meg's house (we didn't purchase any to shoot off this time), we just went home to get the kids in bed and I watched a pretty cool fireworks show off our back deck. A lot of our neighbors really got into doing fireworks and there were some big ones. It was a surround-sound-and-sight experience. I may never buy fireworks again if I can just enjoy a show like that from my deck! :) Too bad it's impossible to capture how cool it is using a camera (especially a phone camera!).
Happy Fourth! :)

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