Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Waiting Continues in June

Well, June arrived and still, no baby! Her due date was June 8th, but in my mind I was hopeful that she'd come a week early or so. No such luck. I tried to plan fun activities with Charlie so we wouldn't both go crazy just sitting around the house waiting for life to change.

One afternoon, when Trevor wasn't working, we all decided to have a picnic on the back lawn. And yes, Charlie is still in his PJs. Best Mom Ever award goes to me. It was a sunny, warm day and we thoroughly enjoyed the change of scenery. I also took Charlie to the pool again. This time I had a new flotation device for him called a Puddle Jumper. This thing is absolutely amazing! It keeps his head above the water no matter which way he tips, and he can actually swim by himself in the deep pool! Love love love it! It just means I can relax a little more when I'm at the pool with him.
Pony Express Days is a fun Eagle Mountain community event that happens for a week every year. This year, it was during the first week of June and I took Charlie to a free family event on Wednesday evening at Nolan Park. They had bounce houses, face painting, food, and even balloon animals! We met up with our friends the Schramers. Charlie just loves his little friend Aunika... and even though we waited in line for at least half an hour, they were thrilled to get their balloon creations. Charlie got a sword and Aunika got a giraffe. Look at those smiling faces!
On June 6th, my Mom came into town. Much to her delight, I was still pregnant. She wanted to be here when I had the baby. But then, I started getting stressed about whether or not I should get induced earlier (I don't really like the idea of being induced unless it's at 41 weeks and I don't have another choice). She was only going to be in town for 10 or 11 days, and I didn't want to have the baby a week late and then have her leave a couple days later. So, I scheduled a tentative induction date for the 9th of June.

When my due date came and I wasn't in labor yet, I was getting more and more impatient. I didn't want to be induced and I wanted this little girl to be here already! It was a Sunday, and after church, I went for a walk with my Mom and Charlie around the neighborhood. We even stopped for a second and I jumped on the neighbor's trampoline (with their permission haha) to try to induce labor. I was so big and was feeling so much low pressure that I didn't really get any air when I jumped, but I hoped the motion of just going up and down would help. It didn't... it just made me tired. But I was determined and we kept walking around the neighborhood. We probably walked a little over a half mile, stopping along the way to look inside some of the houses that were being built. Here's a picture of Charlie looking like a total "mini-man" with his sunglasses and cool guy strut. :)
I didn't go into labor that night, and the waiting game continued a little longer. Stay tuned for the next post. ;)

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