Monday, April 15, 2013

Life As My Phone Sees It 3/25/13 - 4/15/13

Wed 3/27 - When Kimma and Bebop are in town, Kimma lets Charlie play in the dirt! And she'll even play with him. And then he found the mud and things got kinda messy ;) Kimma is much more fun that I am!!
Fri 3/29 - There was a gorgeous sunset off my back porch:
Sat 3/30 - Trev and I were able to make it to our niece Scarlett's first gymnastics competition. She totally killed it and got second place in her age group (best at her gym!) and got a gold medal to show for it! :)
Sat 4/6 - I seem to always wait until Saturday night to go grocery shopping, when the grocery store is so busy (even though it doesn't look like it in this pic). At least I have a pretty cute face to keep me company while I shop! :)
Tues 4/9 - Charlie and I went to visit our friends Tori and her sons Jack and Alex in Lehi. I knew Tori from our Wymount days and it was so much fun to catch up! We let our "three little monkeys" sit on the counter and eat snacks. Thankfully none fell off and bumped their head, haha!
Tues 4/9 - Later that night, I went to my first Relief Society activity in my new ward. It was so much fun! We learned about meal planning, gardening, and cake decorating. Here's a picture of my (second) first attempt at an icing rose! I think it turned out pretty good, but I'm definitely going to need more practice.
Fri 4/19 - Trev had a colonoscopy on Friday at about midday and my wonderful friend Jana watched Charlie for us. He had such a blast with his friends Luke and Crew. Just another picture of "three little monkeys" eating snacks! I'm sensing a trend here... I have lots of friends who have 2 kids and all kids love to eat snacks! :D
Thurs 4/11 (a little out of order) - I have the cutest little helper in the world. You got to start 'em young and hopefully they'll be good little helpers for years to come!
Fri 4/12 (again) - Charlie thought it was preeeeetttty hilarious to walk around in my shoes. He was squealing, laughing, and then hiccuping because he was having so much fun. He has always picked up and played with my shoes, but never had the idea to put them on his feet until I showed him, and he just LOVED it, and would get really mad if one of the shoes fell off his foot. Haha
Mon 4/15 - Ahh!! Utah spring strikes again! I woke up to snow this morning! Please, warm spring, come back now!!

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