Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Nursery Version 1

So, I'm not very creative, nor am I very good at utilizing small spaces, but I AM good at putting self-assemble furniture together. Hence showing you the beginnings of my little man's nursery. The walls will change once we have some pictures to put up and when we know what his name will be. I'd like to find a sand/tan colored linen bedskirt for the crib, and my wonderful mom is making and bringing me the quilt that's going to pull it all together. It's going to be wonderful!
The "It's a Boy" hanging on the wall was a cute decoration my sister in law put together for my baby shower. I figured I'd use it for the time being to give the space a little "love". We'll see how my sweet man's little corner turns out in the end!

Also, just for the record, here's a picture of me today at 38 weeks. Please forgive how tired I look. I took this picture at 10:30pm and, geez, I'm very pregnant! Haha ;)
Also-also, a little joy of today is that my sweet husband cleaned the house for me before I got home. Ahhhh that really does put a giant smile on my face! Coming into a clean home (that I didn't clean by myself) really does mean a lot. Cheers to kind, caring husbands!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm Officially Full Term!

As I was getting ready to make this blog post and I was uploading new pregnancy pictures, I realized that I could show some comparison pictures to REALLY show how big I'm getting. That will be my celebration of the fact that today is 37 weeks, which marks that I have officially reached "full term" and baby can come any time now and be completely ready for the world! Yay! Any bets on when he'll actually be here? My 40 week due date is October 25th.

So, some comparisons! Here I am back at about 27 weeks....
And this is what happens in about two months... WOW! I was shocked at the difference:
And here I am back at 28 weeks:
And 9 weeks later... holy baby bump! I guess you really do grow a lot right at the end!!:
Ready to meet this little baby boy! Getting the nursery ready and I'll post pictures once it's done, which could be a while ;)