Monday, March 23, 2009

Fun in the Snow!

On Saturday we went with Meg and Cole and Dave to Brighton to get in a ski day before the season ended. We bought day passes months ago, intending to go in February, but I suppose we lost track of time and didn't get there until mid-March.
Ignoring the somewhat icy-turned-slush snow, we had a fantastic day skiing and snowboarding down the slopes. Meg and I stayed on the blue squares while the boys risked their lives on a double black diamond or two. Whew. It was a ton of fun!

The next three pictures were taken during our lunch break:

By the end of the day, I realized that Trevor was making fun of my silly blue hat and bright pink hoodie. He said I made a "cute snow bunny" and that I could pass for a 16 years old. Haha... I suppose it's time to get some more "hard-core" snow gear! :)

This next picture was taken by Cole at the top of the highest lift. Most of the slopes down from there were black diamonds or double-blacks but I managed to find some blue squares so I didn't risk my life. :) Yes... I am scared of the black diamonds. One day I'll brave them again :) Anyway... it's faded but in the far background is the back of Mount Timpanogos.
It was a gorgeous, warm day to go skiing and I am really glad we got to go. The mountains are such a beautiful, serene setting for a really fun sport. It makes Trev and I wonder why we don't make an effort to do it more often. Maybe we will next year :)

And maybe next year we'll use more sunscreen so Trevor's face doesn't turn into a cherry tomato again! :) It has now begun the light peeling stage. Love it! :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookies

On Friday, I once again was bitten by the "Baking Bug" and had to make something to help me procrastinate anything I was needing to get done. They turned out absolutely delicious! The recipe I used is online at The recipe I chose used both regular and brown sugar. They were (and still are because we're still eating them) very good! All four dozen of them!

Yummy! And yes, that's my new iPod in that last picture! :) Beautiful and green!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just Because it Needs to Happen...

I figure I'll make a quick post considering it's been almost a month since I posted anything. I guess a lot has happened, but I haven't taken pictures of any of it (mainly because Trev's best friend Dave took my camera for a while to take pictures for a grad school application...)

Anyway, here's a list of things that have been happening (not in any particular chronological order):

1) I bombed my Money, Banking, and Business test (today)

2) I competed three dances at Dancesport this past weekend (380 Mambo, 285 Rumba, and 184 Quickstep) and didn't do fantastic in any of them. In fact... the one I expected to do the best in (184 Quickstep) ended up being the worst. We were pretty sad. Other than that it was a fun time watching the amazing dancers--especially some of the world's best professional latin dancers!

3) Trevor and I are going to plant a full-out veggie garden on our porch this year. We hope to start the carrots this weekend! Pictures to come!

4) My graduation announcements just came in the mail! WOO!

5) I'm stressing out because I have lots of stuff (papers, projects, etc) left to do before I graduate.

6) We went to Comedy Sportz on a date. Mike- you would LOVE this and I want to take you whenever you find your way to Provo!

7) I won at speed scrabble last Sunday! Hooray!

8) Trevor got into BYU for Spring and will be in for Fall 2009 as well! We are hoping he can get finished by the end of next summer... or the end of December 2010 (at the latest!)

9) This means that Trevor and I don't have to move! HOORAY!

10) I'm going to be singing with the University Chorale in the BYU devotional this coming Tuesday at 11:05 am Utah time! Tune in! ;)

11) We bought 10 chicken cordon bleu's from Macey's the other day. Yes. 10. We love them and they were cheap!

12) I just realized my life needs a little pizzaz. Oh dear.

13) Trev and I are going out tonight to Carrabbas! That is... (he says)... if we work out before we go! HAHA :)

14) In a couple weeks, Trevor and I are going to VEGAS for Maddi's baptism! I can't believe she's 8! We're going to have a lot of fun-- and I'm ready for a vacation!

15) I bought a brand-new shiny iPod Nano! :) It's a beautiful green color and I love it and take it with me everywhere. I have been freshly bitten by the iPod bug. :) One day a couple weeks ago I made a special trip to the gym to go running on the treadmill JUST so I could use my iPod... but since I usually do Yoga I'm not used to going to the gym with workout shoes on. So I make it to the gym, get on the treadmill, set up my iPod, start a program, begin running... and then realize I'm wearing ballerina flats. OOPS! Errrgh. Fortunately there was a yoga class being held at the same time, so I just joined in and did that instead. Haha. Silly me. Next time I go I'll make sure to wear running shoes! :)

If you're interested in knowing further information about any of these riveting happenings, just call me! I love to talk on the phone! Or comment :) I'm thinking I will have links to photos and videos from the dance competition soon. I'll keep you updated! :)