Monday, March 23, 2009

Fun in the Snow!

On Saturday we went with Meg and Cole and Dave to Brighton to get in a ski day before the season ended. We bought day passes months ago, intending to go in February, but I suppose we lost track of time and didn't get there until mid-March.
Ignoring the somewhat icy-turned-slush snow, we had a fantastic day skiing and snowboarding down the slopes. Meg and I stayed on the blue squares while the boys risked their lives on a double black diamond or two. Whew. It was a ton of fun!

The next three pictures were taken during our lunch break:

By the end of the day, I realized that Trevor was making fun of my silly blue hat and bright pink hoodie. He said I made a "cute snow bunny" and that I could pass for a 16 years old. Haha... I suppose it's time to get some more "hard-core" snow gear! :)

This next picture was taken by Cole at the top of the highest lift. Most of the slopes down from there were black diamonds or double-blacks but I managed to find some blue squares so I didn't risk my life. :) Yes... I am scared of the black diamonds. One day I'll brave them again :) Anyway... it's faded but in the far background is the back of Mount Timpanogos.
It was a gorgeous, warm day to go skiing and I am really glad we got to go. The mountains are such a beautiful, serene setting for a really fun sport. It makes Trev and I wonder why we don't make an effort to do it more often. Maybe we will next year :)

And maybe next year we'll use more sunscreen so Trevor's face doesn't turn into a cherry tomato again! :) It has now begun the light peeling stage. Love it! :)


  1. It really was a perfect day, wasn't it? I love your pictures. I'm glad you remembered your camera...and yes, I am a picture stealer. But I couldn't resist, it was so cute haha :) Thanks Alex!

  2. Aww cute blog Alex! Sounds like you guys had fun - I totally agree... risking my life on the slopes isn't my favorite. Blue squares all the way!