Monday, February 11, 2013

Life As My Phone Sees It 1/17/13 - 2/11/13

Monday 1/21 - Charlie has started giving us hugs and kisses when asked. It's the sweetest thing ever. Here he is giving his Daddy a hug before he had to go back to work. Charlie and I both enjoy when he can come home for lunchtime!
Tuesday 1/22 - Playing in his overalls! First time wearing this fabulous consignment shop find! I'm in love!!
Wednesday 1/23 - I took a nighttime drive out to our new house to see the progress of the basement while the boys stayed at home. I was so excited to see the walls and trim in place! Can't wait to move in soon!
Monday 1/28 - Whew... can you tell we had been very sick around here? This stash of drugs doesn't even include Charlie's antibiotics. I can thankfully say today that our 3+ week sickness has finally subsided!!
1/31 - Thursday (both photos): Pardon Charlie's squinty/tired eyes... we walked home from a friend's house that day because, despite the snow on the ground, it was a gorgeous day! I mostly wanted to take a picture of Charlie's CUTE footprints he made in the snow while walking. I literally just about died from cuteness. The second photo was posted in honor of "Throwback Thursday", a growing Instagram tradition. This is a photo of my beautiful Grandmother holding me as a wee babe. She hasn't been with us on this earth for a while now, but I'm sure she'd just eat Charlie right up if she could!! :)
Friday 2/1 - Juicing broccoli, collard greens, and cabbage? Basically my husband is a crazy person. Yuck!!
Saturday 2/2 - Took another trip out to the new house, although this time it was with Trev and Charlie too! We saw that they had put the hardware onto the kitchen cabinets and I am in LOVE with how it looks! I picked well! :) Also, every time we go to the house, Charlie is just so happy to run around and giggle. He is SO excited for our new place. Probably just as much as I am!!!
Friday 2/1 - (It's a little out of order, sorry) - Here's my boys watching The Office together. My, my I sure do have a wonderful view!!
Friday 2/8 - Three little monkeys sittin' on a couch! Such cute little friends. Charlie and I had a sleepover at the Kimball's house with Heidi and her two girls since our two husbands were on a business trip to Las Vegas for the weekend. It was so much fun to be spontaneous and have a sleepover!!
Saturday 2/9 - I took Charlie out to really play in the falling snow for the first time. Despite not having any gloves, he just loved it! He got brave and put his hands all the way in the snow, and then once he felt how cold it was he slowly pulled them back out, looked at them with a concerned look on his face, and tried to pull the leftover snow off. It was really cute. When I made him come back inside, he was really unhappy and cried until I let him stand up in the windowsill so he could at least watch the snow falling. I was surprised at how much fun he had!! :)
Monday 2/11 - My little beggar. This is my view pretty often when I'm sitting at the kitchen table. He always wants to do what I'm doing. Or eat what I'm eating. What a silly little blue-eyed cutie! I LOVE him. Have I mentioned that? 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Superbowl Sunday!

We had a grand time last Sunday watching the Superbowl with Trev's family! This year we went to his sister Meghan's house in Springville where we ate delicious food, had fun conversations, and the game was on the bigscreen with surround sound! The 49ers were playing the Ravens, and since Trev and his family are huge 49ers fans, the guys were all pretty interested in watching the game this year! The game started really poorly for the 49ers, but they rallied back in the second half and nearly won it, but ended up falling short at the very end. Oh well - at least they gave us a good game!

Pictured here is Troy, Russell, Jill with Cohen, Scarlett, and Meghan with Kelan:
I'm not sure what Emily (James' cute fiance) and Steve are doing in this picture, but it's pretty awesome because I caught Kanyon in mid-jump!
More of the same from above. This was right after little Cohen jumped down off the bar chair and hit his ear pretty hard. Poor thing couldn't breathe for a second he was crying so hard :(
Charlie spent most of his time whining and trying to climb up the stairs to the main floor. It was exhausting watching him and following him, so the three of us in our little family watched the game upstairs for a little while by ourselves because he seemed to enjoy that better. Once he was past his grumpy stage around 7pm, he somehow got his second wind and became happy again to just play in the basement with his cousins. He was up until almost 10pm that night and didn't fuss too much about it!
The second picture above is so sweet. Little Scarlett playing piano with her brother Kelan trying to push the keys :)

Just one last shot to show you the great view we all had of the game. It was a fun party. Anytime we get to spend time with family is always so much fun :)
Thanks, Meg, for hosting and making some really rockin' chicken and veggie kabobs!! Let's do it again next year!!