Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve!

On Christmas Eve, after I got off work, Trevor and I went over to his parents' house to open gifts. Scarlett and Kanyon (Meghan's kids) had a grand time tearing the paper off all of their gifts.

They got to open the "traditional" Christmas Eve gift of pajamas! How cute! Scarlett got pink Minnie Mouse pjs and Kanyon got BATMAN! Here he is posing for me in typical "Batman style" :)Later that night when Trevor and I got back to our place, we opened our gifts to each other because we had to be on a plane the next morning at 7 am. AND we still hadn't packed at 10:00 the night before... whoops. Here's a picture of the mini fiber-optic tree that I've had for the last few years at college. My parents sent it to me freshman year so I could have some decorations.
This tree is a new addition to our Christmas cheer. I found it at Robert's for 17 bucks! :) It's about 4 1/2 feet tall and it's perfect for our little apartment. The stocking to the left is Trevor's and was made by my Nana for our wedding! I'm bringing mine back from NC this year so I can have it to hang next to his! :)
Here are all the presents we wrapped -- either for each other or for the people we would see in NC. I loved my wrapping paper from Hallmark this year! Underneath all those gifts you can kind of glance one of the gifts Trevor and I gave to ourselves this year - a new rug for our living room! We needed something to spruce up the room and cover the old, stained carpet!
Here's another gift Trevor and I gave to ourselves this year. Red Fiestaware to match the five other colors we got for our wedding. It is seriously a party in our pantry :)
A couple of my gifts included this cute green coat I found at Buckle and the Gardener's Hand Healer lotion that I have to use after doing the dishes. It's the only thing that keeps my hands from drying out and cracking. Behind me is my stocking which was filled with all sorts of dark chocolate, lip balms, socks, and earrings. What a sweetheart Trevor is! He did all that behind my back! :)
Here's Trevor with one of his gifts - new jeans from Buckle. All of his light jeans have been forming holes in... well... interesting places. So, I got him some new ones! Other gifts for him included a planner and dress pants.
It has been a fantastic Christmas so far. We're still in North Carolina and have received many wonderful gifts from relatives. And we've eaten tons of good food! I haven't eaten like this in AGES.

Anyway, it's great to report that we're happy and loving life and especially loving having a vacation from work. Too bad it's flying by WAY too fast :(

And I haven't taken a lot of pictures since being here (SHAME ON ME)... but maybe I'll snap a few before we're gone. Merry Christmas everyone!

Dumpcake is Delicious!

As promised (a long time ago) - here is the recipe for my wonderfully famous and delicious dumpcake. It's Trevor's new request in place of a traditional cake for his birthday! There are no exact measurements but it doesn't matter because most of the stuff comes in one-size cans.

Blueberry Dumpcake:

1 can crushed pineapple
1 can blueberry pie filling (can use cherry if you prefer)
1 box yellow cake mix
1 stick of butter

Dump the can of pineapple and blueberries in the bottom of a 9x13 glass pan and spread it around to make a nice mixture:

Dump the box of yellow cake mix (dry) evenly across the top of the fruit mixture. Melt the stick of butter and spoon or pour it over the dry cake mix like this:
Bake according to the directions on the cake box. That's it! Easy and VERY good!! Now you can see why it's called a dumpcake - you just dump everything in and bake it. How could you not love this? And it impresses guests of all ages :)

This is the one I baked for Trev's birthday. I put the candles on it just for fun but the cake was so hot they started melting and falling over so I had to take them out pretty quickly. He wasn't to interested in blowing out candles anyway -- just eating the cake! :)Hope you enjoy my dumpcake when you try it!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Apple Didn't Fall Far... :)

Hello world! Sorry I haven't been posting lately! I have some fun pictures to add and things to talk about... but I've been getting pretty lazy.

Trevor and I are currently at my home in North Carolina for Christmas! :) It's a constant party and sometimes an overload of noise and craziness. What can I say... the apple didn't fall far from the tree!

Anyway, just wanted everyone to know we're still alive and there are posts to come!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Trevor's 24th Birthday!

My sweet husband turned a whole 24 years old on Wednesday, November 26th! We both worked that day, so we kept it pretty low-key. BUT- I did get him a few gifts that he could enjoy, and this post is about those gifts and his photographed reactions. It's very entertaining. :)

This first picture is just a little bragging right for myself... I wrapped his presents (with the help of my friend Christina) and they looked really nice! The stamped card came in the mail from Mical and family. :)Here's the first gift he opened. If you can't tell what it is, it's an ice scraper and brush for his car. He asked for one, but didn't expect it as one of his birthday gifts, hence his silly "sad" face. :)
If you want to know why... don't ask. Just enjoy the Geico Gecko bobblehead toy.
Here he is with one of the two white shirts I got him--these were badly needed. By the look on his face, I'm going to guess he's somewhat happy about this gift.Best reaction ever. Biggest bag of peanut M&Ms ever. Thing I'm most allergic to ... ever. I must love him. He's still eating them to this day.This gift was for him, but I have to admit, it's also for me. They are VERY cute jeans from the Buckle and I must say they look VERY cute on him. So forgive me for dressing up my personal "eye candy". :)And this picture is just a "summary" of all his gifts, including the Cold Stone gift card that came in Mical's card! Trevor says his birthday was wonderful!! Thanks to everyone!Just one more thing, though. I bought everything to make him a blueberry dump cake (his FAVORITE) for his birthday, but by the time we both got home that night it was late and he wasn't too hungry for something so sugary. So it hasn't been made yet. But, next time I make that dump cake, you better believe I'm sticking the candles in it, taking pictures, and posting the recipe for everyone. Yep. Watch out!! :)

Oh - haha - one MORE thing. Thanksgiving was the next day (27th) and it was so fun to go to Trevor's parents' house and spend time with all his siblings and our nieces and nephews. The food was great! If you want to see pictures, look at Meghan's blog. And whatever you do... DON'T go to Mical's! She has blackmail on me for life :)