Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nana's House

Our second stop during the trip out east was at my Nana's house! We (me, my mom, and Charlie) drove to Albemarle on August 7th and had dinner with the extended family on my Dad's side. It was great to see everyone! Charlie had a hard time going to sleep that night. In fact, I think it took two hours of rocking, fidgeting, and crying until he finally fell asleep. Talk about frustrating! It seems like traveling and being in so many new places in such a short period of time was hard for my little man.

The next morning, Charlie and I woke up to the smell of Nana's famous Mickey waffles!! Charlie was very excited to taste his first one ever!
Granddaddy had already decided to take a mid-morning snooze in his favorite chair, but after I woke him up with my camera, we decided to go down stairs and hang out in the pool table room.

My mom snapped this one of me (without makeup on - gasp!), but it's the only documentation that I was on the trip, so I had to include it :)
My sweet blue-eyed boy in his crib, getting ready to fight his nap... 
After one full hour of letting him cry it out, he finally passed out for his nap and I had time to relax! I spent some time with my Nana and her sister Sue. Here they are with their favorite gadgets: their iPads!
After nap time, my Aunt Kelly (my mom's sister) came into town to say hi to Charlie, and we all went down into the toy room for some good old-fashioned fun!
I seriously remember playing with all of these toys!
And, speaking of memories, here's my sweet son sitting in the same exact chair I used to sit in when I was his age!! It's all a little mind-blowing, actually.
Great Aunt Kelly, Kimma, and Charlie:
Okay, so the story behind the next couple pictures is this: Aunt Kelly was playing with the little frog and monkey toys that make noises when you squeeze them. In the picture above, she was making them "fight" with each other to make Charlie laugh. Well, apparently the rough-housing went too far because the frog was injured and wouldn't make a noise anymore after you squeezed him! In an effort to revive him, Aunt Kelly performed "CPR" on our poor stuffed amphibian. Imagine our surprise when, moments after she stopped CPR, the frog worked again and started croaking! We were DYING of laughter. Who knew that you could actually resuscitate a stuffed frog?! :D

Charlie getting in some quality time with his Great Aunt Kelly:
Little chef-in-training. (Seriously... toy memories! Me and my brother and cousins used to write up extensive menus and make the adults order dishes and we'd serve them what they ordered. Those were GOOD times!)
It was great to be able to stop by Albemarle for a day and see a lot of our close relatives! Until next time...! :)